BABY : Topical, gritty, engaging thriller !!

In last decade we witnessed some slick, thought-provoking movies pouring out of IQ enhanced factories of Bollywood. If I have to pick one movie, in last one decade, Neearaj Pandey's directorial debut 'A Wednesday', features on top. It was a sheer dynamite. Neeraj Pandey followed up with 'Special 26', which received widespread appreciation from audience … Continue reading BABY : Topical, gritty, engaging thriller !!

Haider ! ………..nothing but a plain “CHUTZPAH” !!

Vishal bhardwaj excels at painting dark, sinister pictures that weave a psychological mish mash around you, a slow but potent hypnosis that tweaks perceptions of reality. And in 'Haider', the objective is to seduce you to believe that nazi-esque Indian Army is the monster depriving kashmiri muslims of aazadi. Militancy is glorified as the last … Continue reading Haider ! ………..nothing but a plain “CHUTZPAH” !!