“Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.”

Anyone’s mind would boggle thinking why an ex-Colonel would celebrate the demise of a decorated officer like CDS Bipin Rawat with such an illustrious career with blood-red strawberry cake?

Anyone celebrating such tragic news is not just an enemy of India but an enemy of humanity. To seek and understand this phenomenon, and about our adversaries, both external and internal, this adage from Sun-Tzu’sArt of Wars” comes in handy.

Know thy enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated.”

This Ajai Shukla is one such traitor. Everyone remembers his maniacal attempts quoting unnamed sources to peddle the narrative that China has occupied the territory previously under Indian control. He was almost immediately called out by the OSINT (open-source intelligence community). We all witnessed how Ajai Shukla was brutally shredded on his lies by Abhijit Aiyar Mitra on a live TV debate. But this guy is beyond humiliating.

Later in the article, you will know how these misinformations help politicians like Rahul Gandhi aggressively target the Govt and the Army, parroting the Chinese line peddled in the Global-Times-News.

Believe you or not, this hack went on to attack the Indian Armed Forces and PM Shastri, claiming that India lost the 1965 war, which we won so convincingly. His practice to attack our defence forces is not new. I am sharing a few more instances to imagine how much this hack loves the Pakistani narrative.

His betrayal peaked when he and his gang attacked Armed Forces and IAS officers for standing up against the Siachen sellout plan. An empowered Track II committee was formed with the blessing of the de-facto PM of India. Former Air Chief Tyagi headed this committee, the gentleman accused in the Augusta Westland helicopters for the queen. The deal was cancelled after the kickbacks and graft were exposed. The “Track-II” met in Bangkok, Dubai, USA, and Lahore and finally negotiated an agreement to demilitarize Siachen as part of the Confidence Building Measure between India and Pakistan. Despite the clear opposite stand adopted by the Armed Forces, the glacier has an immense strategic value for India. The Army, guided by its chief General V.K. Singh, has pressed the panic button on Siachen. Gen VK Singh took on this powerful cartel and went against the might of UPA Govt’s backing.

As expected, the pack of Hyenas, led by Ajai Shukla, attacked those opposing the withdrawal as “communal scum.” He called our ex-chief V.K Singh a rogue general and continued to use all manners of foul language against


Once, through an article, he tried to speculate that IAF had put a court of inquiry (constituted to investigate the Mi-17 V5 crash at Srinagar) on hold. IAF had immediately and categorically denied. The court of inquiry was completed three months back.

But no humiliation could ever stop this vile stooge to continue with more lies and stoop further low. Again, it was he at the forefront among those who attacked our Armed Forces on the issue of surgical strikes. He didn’t stop questioning the surgical strikes but went on through a series of controversial tweets to float the conspiracy theory about the Pulwama attacks. This time his bizarre claim was that ‘Pakistan Army & ISI carried out the attack to get Modi re-elected.’ Incorrigible ba$tard.

Who is this Ajai Shukla, and why is his opinion matter? A journalist? A Defense expert? A Middle Man? A runaway Colonel? Who? It is better to know the interconnectedness of this Lutyens cabal to understand how opinions on national policies are force-fed to the public after a dining table gossip of the entitled few.

Ajai Shukla is the brother-in-law of Suman Dubey, a journalist and hardcore Nehru-Gandhi family loyalist, who is also one of the accused in the National Herald scam. Ajai Dubey was a friend of Rajiv Gandhi from his Doon school days. He is also a Trustee and Executive Committee member (a founding member) of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. He served as the press advisor to former PM Rajiv Gandhi. He was also associated with various organizations, such as the India Today Group, the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library etc.

Shukla was appointed the anchor of the ‘News Night’ program on DD News when Suman Dubey was a part-time Prasar Bharati Board member. Suman Dubey is married to Manjulika, the elder sister of Anita Shourie (Arun Shourie’s wife). Shukla’s sister is Anita Shourie, and his niece Mitali Saran is yet another Hindu-hating liberal columnist in the Business Standard stable. Now you would understand why was Arun Shourie, once an RW’s hero, so hyper during Rafale Scam brouhaha.

As the editor of the book titled ‘Rajiv‘, the Delhi spin-mistress Manjulika Dubey was responsible for ghosting Sonia’s own memoir about her late husband. Mr Shukla was also once married to Maneka’s Gandhi’s sister, Ambika Shukla.

Quite a close-knit circuit. That is called the ecosystem.

The ecosystem would naturally cry because, for the last six years, South Block has been sanitized of the runaway Colonels turned Defense experts whose hands have been deep soaked in all the 10JP defence deal misadventures and who wrote reams of columns for their daily dose of Maino biscuits.

Don’t get bugged at their frustrated conduct. Laugh at it.

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