Trying to elicit sympathy by giving it an emotional touch the Catholic Church and the opposition ecosystem are using death of #StanSwamy to target the Narendra Modi-led govt.

Anti-India activist, STAN SWAMY, arrested under the anti-terrorism law for attempts to FAIL INDA, died in hospital and under treatment. Death, unfortunately, comes to all and the 84-year-old Stan Swamy was also infected with CoVID, so perhaps, it came rather unexpectedly.

Immediately, the social media was abuzz! Stan Swamy, a hardcore Maoist, was hailed as an activist and a martyr claiming that the Indian Government “failed him.” Like a vulture, the ‘clown prince” of Congress found this occasion, as yet another political opportunity, with calls of justice and humanness.

It is important to note how the Congress party’s hire apparent addresses a Roman Catholic Priest, accused of terrorism, as “Father.” The same party’s mouthpieces insist on calling a reverted Hindu priest by his pre-sanyas name Ajay Bisht, not “Yogi”. Anti-Hindu is the central character of the Sonia-led Congress! In no time, the Congress lackeys and the left-liberal Cabal started mourning to peddle the narrative of portraying a terrorist as innocent, terming it murder by the Indian Government.

The same who celebrated the torture and brutality on Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya in police custody… for years without any charge sheet… were seen crying that “India failed”, the 84-year-old terror accused, died due to sickness in a hospital and under treatment.

Mindboggling Hypocrites!!

It is sickening to see the choice of words by Indian mainstream media and the Left-liberal Cabal in their deliberate attempt at normalizing terrorists, whitewashing their sins, telling sweet stories about his wonderful nature and the implied heroism. This is how violence is mainstreamed.

First, why would a Jesuit Priest, a so-called man of God, want to interfere with the governance of this country? Who is empowering him in these seditious activities? Furthermore, more importantly, why would a top politician (chief opposition leader) and the liberal elites glorify a Maoist, charged with conspiring to overthrow the Indian Government and creating nationwide unrest? To explore that, let us explore some facts about who this Stan Swamy was.

These folks come in many guises – As Human rights activists, environmental activists, Women protectors, Animal lovers, etc., and have fooled. They are still fooling our poor people for a long time. Their magic tools are poverty, innocence and ignorance of the poor Dalits and Adivasis to try to convert them. This Catholic Jesuit Priest named Sam Lourdu Samy also conveniently morphed himself into “Swamy.”

Samy has lived in Ranchi, Jharkhand, for many years. While in Chaibasa, Jharkhand (then Bihar) in the 70s, Samy realized that it was not easy to convert Adivasis to Christianity, despite being extremely poor. So he began to turn them against the corrupt state administrations and persuaded them into Naxal activities without them realizing it. Once they got into trouble with the Police over activities, they were left with no option but to fall back on him and his organization for lawyers and other help. This is how they were forcefully converted and turned into slaves. Samy would then mobilize lawyers like Indira Jaisingh, Sudha Bharadwaj, Prasanth Bhushan etc., and are paid in millions, usually sourced from NGOs having contributions from Foreign Conversion agencies.

This was one regular source of money; the Govt led by PM Modi has put a brake on it. Which means there is no finance to induce and lure people to conversion. It leads to less power and less influence. So, PM Modi must go, democratically or otherwise.

To ensure India depends solely on foreign countries for uranium, in 1996, Samy formed Jharkhand Organization Against Radiation (JOAR ). The idea was to stop the Centre-owned Uranium Corporation Of India Ltd. (UCIL), Jaduga Mines in South East Bihar, extracting uranium, citing environmental reasons. Slowly, the devious role of this Stan Samy was discovered. He was arrested but let go due to undue influence from many NGOs.

The treacherous activities of these NGOs also led to the infamous ”Pathalghadi Movement“. This movement was spread across the Khunti , Simdega , Seraikela, Gumla areas of Jharkhand. These areas in Jharkhand were No Go Zones. The movement faded away after its leader Father Alfonso Aind, was charged in the Kochang gang-rape incident, which had been carried out as revenge against women who dared to enter a Pathalgadi village to spread awareness about human trafficking.

It was revealed that their long term plan is to turn the entire country of India into chaos and civil war when the Police recovered the blueprint of this plan.

The Elgar Parishad or Bhima-Koregaon violence case brought out the hidden agenda of Maoists in India. It brought to the surface the links of the Catholic Priest Stan Swamy. During the probe, intelligence sources had told that those people under investigation, linked to the Elgar Parishad case, were plotting to kill the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

While refusing bail Stan Swamy, the special NIA court, held that:

“Prima facie it can be gathered that Swamy along with other members of the banned organization hatched a serious conspiracy to create unrest in the entire country and to overpower the Government, politically and by using muscle power. The material placed on record thus prima facie denote that the applicant (Stan Samy) was not only a member of banned CPI (Maoist), but he was carrying out activities further in the objective of the organization, which is nothing but to overthrow the democracy of the nation. There are reasonable grounds for believing that the accusation of commission of the offenses punishable under terrorist activities of the UAPA Act against the applicant is prima facie true. The applicant cannot be released on bail.”

Samy was in Central Jail, Taloja, Mumbai- which is managed by Congress Party and its allies in the Maharashtra Govt. Why did the Maharashtra Govt. not treat him well?

However, NHRC had asked Maharashtra Govt to ensure every possible medical help to Stan Samy as part of life-saving measures and his basic human rights protection. A bench of Justice S S Shinde and Justice N R Borkar conducted an urgent hearing on Swamy’s plea.

It is not in dispute that appellant’s age is 84 years and according to findings recorded by a team of doctors from JJ Hospital, he needs treatment,” HC noted.

Samy said he would prefer to die than get admitted to JJ Hospital. He opted Holy Family Hospital instead.

We are of the view that the appellant can be given a choice of holy family hospital for his treatment for 15 days. Appellant will bear the expenses. We request that the administration of Holy Family hospital provide one attendant keeping in view the appellant‘s age,” HC noted.

Even while choosing a hospital, this man chose one that people of his faith run. And that is where he died. The Court had extended his stay in the hospital till 6th July, but he suffered a cardiac arrest in hospital a day before his death.

The Catholic Church and the opposition ecosystem are using this opportunity to target the Narendra Modi-led government. They are trying to elicit sympathy by giving it an emotional touch. The brouhaha also creates pressure on the Courts to ensure bail to other ailing’ Maoists inside the jail.

They are doing this while hiding the simple fact that Stan Samy was accused of treason, terrorism, complicity with Maoists Guerillas, and planning to assassinate the Prime Minister, amongst other crimes.

The so-called intellectuals, and moderates, all for self-promotion and reward, keep spinning the fact. It hardly matters to them who is a criminal and who is a victim. Their own survival is at stake. All such folks should hang their heads in shame.

The intelligence sleuths do not have time for petty religious or political games and matters related to national security; they leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of the truth. If one is accused of working against the nation, he/she need to be treated as someone working against the nation. It does not matter if one is an aging Catholic priest, a Maulvi or a Baba.

A crime is a crime which State machinery should deal with. However, the left-liberal brigade paints the whole nation by giving a political spin to it and dilutes the real issue. The ecosystem is well aware that it is their political masters who would benefit from breaking India into pieces. As long as Hindus are kept divided and fight among themselves, they have a chance to misguide the vote bank in favour of their political masters.

Nevertheless, now an aware nation observes, and the ordinary Indian sees the dangerous game being played. Those who care for India are vigilant and will respond appropriately, at every appropriate time!

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