CongressToolkit – An act of treason against India during a catastrophic pandemic.

In a sensational development, a toolkit prepared by the Congress research department got leaked on social media. In the middle of the pandemic, when the whole country stood together, Congress Party used this tragic situation as a political opportunity to spread hate and negativity against India, the Indian Prime Minister, and Indian Culture.

The so-called TOOLKIT must be investigated thoroughly, and its genuineness must be established irrefutably for public knowledge. If it is genuine, the Congress Party cannot continue as a political party. The directives (tools) are pure evil and demonstrate criminality and betrayal in the middle of our country’s war against CoVID.

The author of the document is Saumya Varma, a political researcher in the office of Rajeev Gowda (Ex-MP & national spokesperson, INC) at AICC Research Dept. Soumya also a member of the 19-member Congress team that drafted the party manifesto in the 2019 LS election.

They are now caught with their pants down, the Congress Party in desperation, calling the Toolkit fake and disowned. A PIL has been filed in the SC to investigate its genuineness. However, the digital footprint proves beyond doubt that the Toolkit was created with evil intent and wholesomely used by the Congress Party and its stooges to malign the present Union Government and defame India and Hindus.

Let us look back on the events of the last month at what has been happening in the Congress-friendly media and its ecosystem’s social media. You will see that EVERY DIRECTIVE in the Toolkit has come true in their media reports, tweets, and public utterances.

Tool 1:  Brand the Kumbh as a “super spreader.’

An entire section of the Toolkit is directed towards branding Kumbh Mela as “super spreader Kumbh,” portraying it as ‘political power in the name of religion.’ There are no surprises that it also directs to remain silent of Eid gatherings and address it as ‘happy social gathering of families and communities.’ Can you imagine how communally charged and evil these folks are?

Congress party itself gave the line on its official website that suggested that ‘encouraging Kumbh Mela’ is a crime. Everyone took the cue. The Kumbh is one of the most revered gatherings for the Hindu society whose timing since time immemorial is decided by saints and seers and not any governments. Germany postponed the lockdown to accommodate the festivities and gatherings related to Easter. Remember, Easter comes every year, and the Kumbh takes place every 12 years. Despite the Kumbh was curtailed the moment cases started rising, yet it became an occasion to shame India in general and Hindus in particular.

Tool 2: Defame India by calling the B-1617 as “Indian Variant.”

No less than Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi himself branded the new mutant as ‘Indian Variant’ despite WHO’s a clear directive to media forbidding it. Sonia Faleiro, daughter of Congress MP Eduardo Falerio and wife of Rahul Gandhi’s former business partner, was the first to use the Toolkit’s labels “Indian Variant & Modi variant.” Then the instruction drips down, and other Congress leaders also start using the tag ‘Modi variant’ for the new mutant. Lately, Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly been calling it “Movie.” The hatred for Modi is so overpowering that everything else pales in comparison.

Tool 3: Collaborate with foreign media to Dramatize funerals to magnify distress.

There is no question that we were in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. There is no question that media must also show the extent of the crisis. But when you see drone shots of burning pyres, that’s what differentiates between responsible journalism and vulture journalism. What purpose does it serve to magnify personal moments of grief? Do you have to show wailing family members at their vulnerable moments? But the politics over dead bodies were also part of Toolkit, so the usual suspects fed into this gory politics to demean even the dead. The extent to which these vultures would stoop down is beyond comprehension!

Tool 4: Defame PM-CARES Fund and shame anyone donating to it.

In India, especially in such a crisis, people come together as one to help others in need fund. During CoVID, they were wondering where to donate. PM CARES fund has the credibility of the Prime Minister’s office and the personal non-negotiable credibility of Narendra Modi.

A segment of the Toolkit that questions PM CARES reads, “Modi has created an opaque private trust that is collecting money for unknown purposes, and we also don’t know if the money has been spent or not. The entire ecosystem mobilized itself (including former civil servants) to seed doubts about its working. Ventilators sent through the PM CARES fund in Punjab and Chhattisgarh were purposely lying unused to build a narrative that they are defective. Mobilize friendly RTI activists to file multiple RTIs on every aspect of PM CARES and every decision that is taken through it.

If any celebrity donates to PM CARES, then aggressively question and embarrass them. In a fine gesture out of love he received in India in the past, an Australian cricketer donated to PM CARES. The entire Congress ecosystem descended on his Twitter timeline to hound him.

Tool 5: Propagate “Missing Government” to seed distrust.

Publish cover stories highlighting the word “missing government” in ‘friendly’ newspapers and magazines. Use the word ‘missing” for every leader to create a narrative that Government is missing. Yes, in a pandemic, people vent their anger on the Government when there are personal losses. That is legit. But they also see who managed to ramp up India’s oxygen manufacturing within days. Didn’t we see Oxygen shortage in Delhi got miraculously sorted after audit/police action? The entire government machinery is mobilized to respond to the crisis. People have indeed suffered, but Government missing?

And then to promote Congress’s political work? Look at these photos and try to comprehend what is an oxygen cylinder doing in a Congress office?

Tool 6: Call Central Vista Project Modi’s New House.

The Central Vista project, which is providing jobs to thousands, must be stopped. The experts, mostly the usual suspects, were mobilized to question the project and stop through malicious campaigns. Who gains from stopping work which earns livelihood to the poor?

Tool 7: Block Beds and other Medical Facilities

The mind boggles to think that all this may have been part of a sinister plan. The Toolkit clearly instructs the Congress cadre and its ecosystem to block beds in hospitals to create artificial scarcity. Artificial shortages of hospital beds, medical oxygen, and critical medicines were reported from Delhi in particular and many other metros in general.

I was shocked to read the news about how the UP Government conducted raids on hospitals where it was found that hundreds of beds were occupied by fake patients. No wonder the entire ecosystem pounced on Yogi Adityanath, despite his stellar administrative efforts to control the second wave. We also saw how Tejaswi Surya was hounded when he exposed bed allocation irregularities in Bengaluru.

Tool 8: Respond to help only if a person tags the IYC handle.

Their priorities are clear, block the hospital beds and other medical facilities to serve their near and dear ones. Naturally, many out of job, family Gulam’s masquerading as journalists were part of the mega toolkit propaganda to block India’s fight against Corona.

“Calls for help from journalists, media professionals, and other influencers must get priority.” And suddenly, an unknown politician pops up to meet the urgent appeals of help across India, much faster than any government. The same journalists’ cabal then is seen busy publicizing all such requests for help, and the politician is projected as some super-government.

Since the Indian media is still an extended version of the Congress ecosystem, we witness a complete blackout of ‘Exposed-Toolkit” by both national and regional media. There wasn’t a single word in today’s newspapers about this damning conspiracy. This fact only puts a stamp on its genuineness.

I don’t know of any other nation in the whole world where any opposition party used the pandemic as an opportunity to project their country as a failed state. Off late, the Congress party’s conduct has been callous and was caught pants down in many such attempts to defile our Motherland for their cheap political gains. But even by that yardstick, this Toolkit, when India is waging war against a menacing pandemic, has no parallels.

It is up to you and me to ensure that every citizen of India is told about this disgusting, immoral act of treason against India.

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