As SONIA GANDHI loses her trusted WAZIR, fears of fragmentation stares the NEW CONGRESS she established with the help of AHMED BHAI.

The second most powerful man in the Congress Party after Sonia Gandhi passed away last morning. Mr. Patel, who never accepted any Govt position like his boss, was the brain of the New Congress led by Sonia Gandhi. She must be in a big shock losing her go-to person in every situation for almost two decades.

Let us pause and reflect on his contribution as Congress Chairperson’s chief adviser since he became the Congress’s central piece, post-Rajiv-era. Under Sonia Gandhi and her political advisor Ahmed Patel, the Congress Party’s conduct marks a distinct break from the party’s past. Under their leadership, Congress politicians’ actions and reactions, especially on national security issues, raise troubling questions. A disturbing pattern emerges, creating doubts on the broader sinister motives at play.

The Bloodless Coup:

Since the death of Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, Sonia Gandhi was able to resist all the pressure from “the loyalist” Congressmen to join the party. Suddenly, in December 1997 she joined the party. The then Congress President Sitaram Kesri welcomed the decision by Sonia to join and campaign for the party. The Congress Working Committee passed a resolution asking the 82 -Yr-old Sitaram Kesri to step down as party president. But Mr. Kesari wanted to hold on for some time.

It was Sonia’s man Friday Ahmed Patel who executed a dramatic coup by the use of force. With Sitaram Kesri locked in the bathroom in the Congress headquarters on the Akbar Road, Sonia Gandhi entered the Congress headquarters triumphant with her supporters shouting slogans. Source.

The change in the leadership in Congress was scandalous but swift. When former PM PV Narasimha Rao’s mortal remains were flown to Hyderabad, he was insulted even in death as his body was not allowed to enter Congress headquarters in Delhi. As per Sanjay Baru’s book “Accidental Prime Minister,” Ahmed Patel was entrusted by Sonia Gandhi to relay to the Family of ex-PM P V Narasimha Rao that his funeral rites will not be taking place in Delhi.

The 2002 Riot Narrative:

Rewind to 2002, the Sonia brigade headed by Ahmed Patel has been targeting Narendra Modi since 2002. The idea was to implicate Mr. Modi legally in the Riot case and, if that was unsuccessful, at least run a vicious campaign working with the political journalists to tarnish his image as a communal bigot. English media was an integral part of this conspiracy and ran stories based on innuendoes and hearsay.

However, the Vajpayee Govt failed to do a simple Narco-Test on Ahmed Patel, which would have concluded the Godhra train burning investigation way back. Later, many Congress politicians from Gujrat had been convicted.

UPA 1 – The Sinister Game Begins.

Ahmed Patel was the mastermind of the unconstitutional NAC (National Advisory Committee). When the Congress came to power in 2004, the NAC was formed to advise the Prime Minister on crucial policy matters. This NAC was operating as a ‘Shadow Cabinet.’ Ahmed Patel virtually ran India from 2004–2014 when Congress was in power.

All the central agencies – IB, CBI, NIA, were pitched against each other. SITs were formed and entrusted to fix political opponents, especially the then Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi everyone near, politically attached to him, at any cost.

June 2004: Ishrat Jehan Case

The dangerous game of trying to prove terrorists as innocent for settling political scores started with UPA-1 when the IB & Gujrat Police neutralized four Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives, including a 19-year-old female suicide bomber Ishrat Jehan. This author has written a detailed piece. The revelations remove all the veil of secrecy that there was a collaborated effort to damage one man – Narendra Modi, either physically, politically or judicially. The recent revelations made by former home secretary GK Pillai, former undersecretary in the home ministry RVS Mani and former joint director Rajendra Kumar on the deposition of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) operative David Headley suggest that the Congress’ strategy boomeranged. IB director Rajendra Kumar took a dig at Ahmed Patel for wanting to hide facts and ordering a witch hunt against officers for refusing to nail the then CM of Gujrat, Narendra Modi.

Nov 2008: Invention of Saffron Terror

The most frightening part of these investigations was an attempt by this New Congress that went out of its way to invent Saffron Terror‘s idea.

It is no secret that the Congress party was creating this narrative from early 2008 by falsely implicating the likes of Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya, and Aseemanand in bomb blast cases. The New Congress represented by Manmohan Singh, Chidambaram and Shinde misused and abused constitutional offices and compromised its security, only to follow the Maino-Ahmed doctrine. From Malegaon to Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid to Ajmer Dargah attack were part of the Saffron Terror conspiracy.

Sept 2008: Batla House Encounter

After a series of bomb blasts in Delhi, the Delhi Police raided an apartment, a hideout of Indian Mujahedeen terrorists. It led to a massive fire exchange in which two terrorists were killed, two arrested, and one managed to escape. Immediately, Ahmed Patel’s operatives in the media floated a theory of fake encounter targeting innocent Muslims. While the theories have been laid to rest, the plan of creating suspicion in the minds of the general public was reasonably well-executed.

According to Salman Khurshid, Sonia Gandhi wept after looking at the pictures of the Batla house encounter‘s innocent victims. It is important to note that Congress’s conduct did not side with the terrorists in the past, which quite dangerously seems to be the trend since Ahmed Patel became the political Secretary of Congress President.

Nov, 2008: The 26/11 Mumbai Attack:

The 26/11 attacks on Mumbai shook the country like never before. Had Ajmal Kasab not been caught alive, the sinister plot was to wreak havoc and pass off the terrorists as Hindus. But all these efforts were undone by the bravery of sub-inspector, Tukaram Omble. Omble, who caught Kasab alive, and with that, the entire plan of painting 26/11 as an act of “Hindu terror” went bust.

Here, RVS Mani reveals the conspiracy behind 26-11 and how then Home Minister Shivraj Patil delayed the departure of NSG Commandoes from Delhi to Mumbai by 4 hours. Here is what he said:

However, Shivraj Patil was a nobody in the New Congres. He could not have changed even his suit without being instructed by the Congress high command and her man Friday – Ahmed Patel.

Reports were alleging a meeting in a 5-Star hotel in Italy about one month after the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. The meeting was allegedly attended by Sonia Gandhi, the ISI man Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Arjun Modwadia, and Ahmed Patel. I don’t think we will ever come to know about the reality of such allegations unless they are investigated and proven in the court of law.

July 2010: Sohrabuddin Encounter Case.

The New Congress brazenly misused the CBI to frame former BJP President Amit Shah, arrested by CBI for his “alleged” role in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case. The former home minister of Gujarat had to spend three months in Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati jail and a couple of years in exile, away from the state as he could influence the trial until he knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court.  The Apex Court had observed no evidence against Shah. The CBI (under the New Congress regime) had a “premeditated theory and script” to implicate political leaders rather than find the truth.

There was clear proof of a political conspiracy. The New Congress wasn’t willing to spare anyone who comes in their pursuit of power.

Controlling the Media:

The political journos crawled when Ahmed Bhai asked them to bend. The op-ed pages editors had a direct line with him. He would decide editorials sitting in Delhi. Ensured the Family was protected, and no questions asked. Everyone obliged.

In October 2017, 2 suspected ISIS operatives were arrested. It revealed that they used to work at a hospital run under Ahmed Patel. What a coincidence! Mr. Patel hailed the ATS for doing a good job and targeted BJP, claiming the allegations are entirely baseless.

Aug 2018: Rajya Sabha Election:

Rarely has one witnessed a Rajya Sabha election that was as nail-biting as of Ahmed Patel’s. The Congress party lost the election of Gujarat just for securing Rajya Sabha Seat for Ahmad Patel. If the Congress had shown such zeal and vigor in Goa and Manipur at that time, they probably would have Congress governments in those two states.

Custodian of the Loot:

Because Ahmed Patel being the treasurer of Congress, was the custodian of Lakhs of Crores looted and held as Benami.

Remember when Christian Michel sang and the ED decoded the names in its charge sheet as per Michel’s confessions (AP being Ahmed Patel)? He was moving channel to channel, claiming that he is not the AP in question.

Only last week, Rajiv Saxena, the accused turned approver, spilled beans in the Augusta Westland Chopper Scam and gave supporting documents of offshore, hawala structures, naming Ahmed Patel and Salman Khurshid along with Kamal Nath’s son Bakul Nath and nephew Ratul Puri.

The Enforcement Directorate has attached Congress Treasurer Ahmed Patel linked Sterling Biotech – Sandesara Group’s assets worth over Rs.9,800 crores in connection with money laundering and bank loan frauds. The Sandesara Group allegedly started with illegally parked money of MAINO. Many witnesses deposed about money handling to Ahmed Patel and his close associate Gagan Dhawan.

Indispensable Ahmed Bhai:

Why would a political non-entity was so important and became a battle of prestige between Congress and BJP? Because, for Congress, Ahmed Patel was needed to keep Gandhi’s in power. Remember the 2015 Patel Andolan and the 2016 Una Dalit Lynching scandal masterminded by Ahmed Bhai, only to tarnish the image of BJP? It is not mere politics but detailed history of the political witch hunt that Ahmed Patel used to execute on the behest of the high command.

Rashid Kidwai, a known Congress Darbari, rightly compared Ahmed Bhai to Nizam ul Mulk, whose exit from emperor Mohammed Shah’s court hastened the disintegration of the mighty Mughals.

Similarly, Ahmad Patel’s demise also stares hard at the grand old party with fears of fragmentation getting real and immediate. More importantly, it may cause massive troubles for the FAMILY, both on political and financial fronts.

Pic Credit: PTI

One response to “As SONIA GANDHI loses her trusted WAZIR, fears of fragmentation stares the NEW CONGRESS she established with the help of AHMED BHAI.”

  1. Dangers lurking in the nation are humongous. The shackles by the left liberal cabal have to be destroyed completely. Even after 8 years the dark forces threaten to bounce back with support from new international players. Kashmir continues to remain the soft underbelly due to it’s location. KPs sadly continue to remain in a hopeless situation.


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