Everything you need to know about the Hathras Case.

On September 29, a 19-year-old Dalit girl died of her grievous injuries (alleged gang-rape and strangulation), prompting outrage, protests, and justice. After observing radio silence on a series of sexual assault and murder cases on countless women, noticing the left-liberal ecosystem’s frenzy over this case, Hathras turned into another Peepli. 


Because the case-components perfectly fit their agenda.

The Victim – A Dalit girl. The Accused – An Upper-caste Hindu boy. The incidence happened in a BJP-Ruled State, especially under saffron-clad CM, Mahant Yogi Adityanath!!


  • As per police records, the crime happened at around 9.30 AM on September 14.
  • The Chandapa Police Station (Hathras District) registered an FIR at around 10.30 AM based on the victim’s brother’s statements that her sister had been strangulated by one Sandeep, under Sec 307 of IPC (Attempt to Murder) and also the SC/ST Act.
  • They first took the victim to Hathras Govt Hospital, but as the injuries were severe, she was referred to JNMC, Aligarh.
  • It was at JNMC, Aligarh, that her Medico-Legal Examination Certificate was prepared based on the statement of the patients’ attendant that she sustained a neck injury due to strangulation. The victim was noted to be in a state of loss of consciousness. 
  • On September 19, the victim’s statement was first recorded by the Police under Sec 161 of CCP. In that statement, she said that Sandeep molested her. The Police arrested the main accused, Sandeep, on the 19th. 
  • On September 21, her parents told the Police that she wanted to give an additional statement. On September 22, Police re-recorded her statement. The victim said that “Rape was committed on her by Sandeep, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi. Sandeep also strangulated her with Dupatta.”
  • After the victim gave the revised statement about the gang-rape, JNMC conducted her medical examination for Rape under Sec 164 of CCP, and the “Sexual Assault Forensic Report” was prepared on September 22.
  • As per the survivor’s details, there was complete penetration and that she was strangulated by Dupatta.
  • A provisional opinion was recorded: On the basis of the local examination, there are signs of use of force; however, opinion regarding penetrative intercourse is reserved pending availability of FSL Report.” The FSL report has clarified that the victim was not raped. 
  • By 27th, all the four named accused were arrested and sent to Jail. An SIT has been constituted, and the case is in Fast track court. 
  • On 28th, she was transferred to Safdarjung Hospital. She died there the next day.
  • The post-mortem report states terrible injuries caused to the girl before her demise, but it has no mention of sexual assault in the report. It points out ‘NAD’ (No Abnormalities Detected) in the girl’s pelvic area and vaginal tract, among other key findings.
  • The victim’s body was then taken to UP and cremated in the wee hours of September 30 by her family in the presence of Police and administration.

Conspiracy Theories Around the Case:

1. Secretive Cremation:

Police barricaded the family inside their home and burnt the body without letting anybody know,” was one such LIE peddled.

In a video circulated by NDTV, the victim’s father was seen saying he didn’t take part in the cremation. The brother also claimed that Police cremated the body on their own, as reported by ANI.

There are several video clips available. The Police convinced the family to do the cremation as early possible, fearing infuriating Law & Order situation and that the body had started decomposing. 

Please watch these two clips:

However, that does not add up here because, despite video evidence of the father being repeatedly asked by Police to come and join the cremation, we saw the grandfather in the clip performing the last rites; why did the father-son deny? 

The UP Govt justified midnight cremation in an affidavit before the Supreme Court; attribute it to Intel-inputs of escalating the situation on the ground. The intelligence report suggested that the issue was being exploited to give a caste/communal color. The affidavit also says that the family of the deceased victim was convinced to perform rites. 

2. Raped or No Rape:

The whole case now revolves around the narrative to disprove all the 3 Medical Reports, MLEC Aligarh Hospital, the FSL of Agra, and also the Post-mortem Report conducted at the Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. The same lot that was blaming the UP Govt for secretive cremation is calling the medical reports fabricated and suggesting that the trial should be based on the victim’s continued inconsistent statements and kin. It is a settled practice that in case of discrepancy between the medical evidence and ocular oral testimony, the latter prevails unless the medical evidence makes the ocular evidence improbable. The victim’s statements regarding gang-rape are admissible in evidence as dying declaration under Section 32(1) of the Indian Evidence Act. However, the Post-Mortem report of Safdarjung Hospital, where the victim died, should corroborate the Dying declaration.

3. Honor Killing as per Villagers:

It seems everyone in and around the village knows the truth except the media. However, they are too uncomfortable and scared to speak the truth on camera. As per the Locals, Sandeep and the girl were in a relationship, and both the family were against it. In the past, they have been caught a few times and beaten up by their family members. But their dating continued. The brother of the girl was furious and totally against this relationship. Even the family of the accused Sandeep was not approving it.

On that unfortunate day, the girl and her mother were in their field where Sandeep came to meet her. As per a few villagers, her mother saw them and called the brother of the girl. After that, Sandeep fled from there. Later her brother assaulted her and even tried to strangle her with her Dupatta. After that, the girl’s family alleged that Sandeep attacked her intending to kill. But the family did not accuse of Rape or the presence of other people. Later, the girl’s family, especially her bother (on the advice of local Dalit BJP MP Rajvir Diler), has changed the narrative from an ‘attempt to murder’ to ‘Gangrape & Murder.’ They allegedly pressurized the girl to give the statement to this effect. 

There’s another story that the name of both the accused and the victim’s brother is Sandeep. As per villagers in her statement, the girl named her brother, but they manipulated it to frame the accused boy. What a trap, if that’s true!

As per the call data record, the victim’s brother and main accused Sandeep knew and used to talk with each other over the phone. However, the victim’s brother has refused to admit that.

4. Another Conspiracy Theory:

There is another allegation floating that the condition of the girl was never bad enough to cause death. Villagers allege that something happened at Aligarh Hospital or in the ambulance while being shifted to Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.

5. Dalit Vs. Thakur:

Accused’s House

The fact is, when the media talks about a “Thakur Accused,” the image that comes to people’s minds is of a Hindi film villain. Look at this House of the Thakur whose kids are so influential that they have controlled the entire UP administration. The house of the Poor-Dalit Victim is relatively much bigger and better. As per the floating SM reports, a piece of disputed land next to the Victim’s house and in possession of the girl’s family is another reason for the families’ enmity.

Here’s a clip of the main accused Sandeep’s Father. A modest farmer whom many media morons called a “Darinda.” Listen to this “Darinda,” who is clearly saying that if his son is guilty, hang him. But if he is innocent, please give him justice. He is also demanding a Narco-Test and unbiased investigation. 

The Supposition:

Every victim deserves justice, and the sinners deserve swift and severe punishment. However, at the same time, no one shall be punished for the crime they never committed. The truth is that only Yogi Adityanath can deliver that. The UP Govt has requested the SC to direct CBI investigation into the Hathras Case and the case relating to alleged criminal conspiracy to spread caste conflict by sections of media and political interests. 

However, in a surprise twist on the CBI probe ordered by CM Yogi Adityanath, the victim’s brother said: “We did not demand CBI inquiry in the case as SIT investigation is already underway.” It is the first time where the ‘culprits’ want a ‘Narco-Test’ done while the ‘victims’ want to stop it at all costs.

The fact is that vultures thrive on dead bodies. Political vultures, even more so. They bring in the Caste angle and attach tags like Dalit to make the case sensational. The entire opposition, led by the Congress Party, wants more Hathras like episodes to keep the cast terminology alive and kicking. 

At this point, we do not know what is right and what is a conspiracy. We are only sure that it is one such case that fits the agenda of the opposition. The Congress-led opposition will do whatever it takes to curate the narrative that under Yogi Adityanath, the Law & Order of UP has deteriorated. Hence, the Rape & Murder against the Dalit girls has increased or is maximum among all states. However, the data in this regard, tells an entirely different story.

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