The farce behind Jamia CCTV Footage

The Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), a group comprising students and alumni of the varsity, released the CCTV footage on Twitter in the early hours of Sunday. The 48-second video footage is of the Delhi Police’s crackdown on students of Jamia Millia Islamia who were studying in the library on 15 December 2019 that shows seven to eight paramilitary and police personnel, in riot gear, entering the library and attacking students with lathis.
Without verifying the veracity of the video the entire usual suspect cabal of left-liberals, pseudo seculars, Pidi journos and the woke Bollywood morons shared it with hashtag #JamiaViolence and within hours of its release, it has gone viral on the social media.
Special Commissioner of Delhi Police (Crime) said they have taken cognizance of it and the case has already been transferred to the Crime Branch and the video is being probed.
By close analysis of the CCTV footage, some pertinent and interesting points emerge:
  • Why was the CCTV footage cut where students are seen rushing inside the library before the police come in? Who runs into a library?
  • Why are the students covering their faces with masks and handkerchiefs while studying in a library?
  • Why all the students are sitting only in the corner rows near the entrance.
  • What were the students studying without even opening their books?
  • The CCTV footage is edited and has jump-cuts, rash edits and time jump. It jumps from 18:08:35 to 18:08:40 and the vita 5 seconds are missing, exactly where the student at the bottom right is trying to hide something beneath his desk. What was he hiding?

Here’s the first part of the video where students rushing inside from entrance can clearly be seen. Just see how these rioters are trying to trick the police – rushed into the library trying to hide, pretending to be studying as soon as the police arrive with Big Dandas. Alas! They forgot to open the books and remove their masks!

Look at this video clip. The Police are appealing to Jamia students, calling them “beta” for calm, asking them to stop the violence. The students throwing stones and bottles are clearly heard using the crassest of abuses on police. (Clip via (@SwamiGeetika)

Now, look at this video (uncut) clip in which the “peaceful students of Jamia enter the library to hide with stones (clearly visible in their hands), directing each other to enter the library and barricade the door. (video via @SushantBSinha)

Here is another UNCUT Video of Jamia library before police arrived shows, rioters, with stones in their hand… (video  clip via @rose_k01)

How can students peacefully read inside a library when there was so much chaos outside and the university had turned into a battlefield— petrol bombs were being hurled and tear gas was being deployed? These students do not study on weekdays, and they want us to believe that they were studying on a SUNDAY when there were riots going on outside? Come on!

The police had entered the campus to look for outsiders who were involved in incidents of violence and arson a few meters away from the educational institutions during the protest. Police had barged into the campus after four buses were torched in New Friends Colony nearby during protests against the citizenship act in the locality. 

In December 2019, when Delhi Police demanded complete footage of all the CCTV, the Jamia administration refused to share with them. Now after 2 months, they are releasing CCTV footage to peddle their narrative. If at all this CCTV footage proves anything, it is that all of them had just entered the library to escape from police after rioting and arson. And also that Jamia Millia Islamia library gives refuge and shelter to rioters. 

But the crooked media is peddling it with their own suitable commentary trying to paint the Delhi Police that was stopping the rioting as barbaric and the rioters as innocent students. 

This tweet clearly sums up the nefarious agenda of the cabal:


Let the investigation be completed. Until then, the only narrative that seems most fitting is that the Delhi police rightly gave them what they truly deserved.

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