Why Godse does not fit the Idea of India!

Stunned at the unnecessary Godse reference every 2nd October (Gandhi’s Jayanti) or 30th January (Gandhi’s Punyatithi) by one side of the political spectrum, the self-certified official heirs of Gandhi. Godse is by and large loathed across the length and breadth of the country. But, since 2014, reference of Godse along with Gandhi jumps out into the political limelight despite the fact that there is no GandhiGodse debate pending in India.
Either these folks are apprehensive that the Brand Gandhi is being appropriated out of their clutch or they find that by attaching Godse it helps them peddle their Hindu Terror narrative or both.
Remember the discomfort of the left-liberal cabal over the adulatory piece written by PM Narendra Modi in the NY Times on the occasion of #GandhiAt150?. PM Modi has always been vocal about his respect for Gandhi Ji and uses such occasions as a mark to achieve many of his flagship programs. The whole face secular cabal was tweeting then, calling PM Modi “Godse-Lover,” trying to attach him with Nathuram Godse.
Why this labeling?
Remember Sadhvi Pragya’s remark of calling Godse a ‘Deshbhakt’, only to apologize for it a day later? The cabal hides the fact that she was in fact, countering actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan after being provoked by his utterance: “Independent India’s first terrorist was a Hindu.” That is how the leftist cabal functions. When PM Modi, during the campaign last year, warned Sadhvi Pragya in the harshest words, it made the cabal even more jittery.
Hence this labeling.
While PM Narendra Modi understands that to sell India’s dreams to the world, he has a ready brand in Gandhi… undoubtedly, still the most saleable brand India has. For the cabal, the adulation of Gandhi Ji is secondary, hate for Modi is primary, and their agenda is supreme. They are nervous about the fact that their biggest icon, Gandhi is being successfully appropriated by their only nightmare. It is an unbearable situation!
There has always existed in India’s political spectrum a tiny section that viewed Godse as a hero for killing Gandhi, who they claim worked against the interests of Hindus. And some of them are also followers of PM Modi.
This is a confused lot. These morons cannot understand that it is the glorification of Godse to demonize Gandhi is one of the biggest reasons behind Gandhi’s unrealistic glorification! Deconstructing  Gandhi’s ‘Mahatmaism’ academically is one thing, but hailing a murderer to achieve that kills their own agenda.
Turning the other cheek was Gandhi Ji’s preferred moral position against injustice. It is true that if Godse was an extremist, Gandhi Ji was also at the other extreme of pacifism. But for that one doesn’t have to believe in the assassination, as Godse did.
“I have, however, no doubt that had the audience of that day been constituted into a jury and entrusted with the task of deciding Godse’s appeal, they would have brought a verdict of ‘Not Guilty’ by an overwhelming majority”
    – Justice GD Khosla before delivering JUSTICE – “Godse to be hanged till death.”
Godse might have reasons (Partition, Huge money to Pakistan, Massacre of Hindus, etc.) but he was a cold-blooded murderer. Other than killing Gandhi, what did he do? What is his contribution? None!
In fact, Godse by this heinous act also damaged his own cause. If it was the Hindu cause. Nothing can justify the folly he committed on Hindus by killing Gandhi, delaying the cause of Hindu revival! Even today it enables the leftist cabal to bring fake parity of Islamist terror with non-existent Hindu terror. One murder was enough to equate.
Check out for the narratives peddled today by this cabal. It is Gandhi Ji’s ‘Punyatithi,’ but you will find more references for Godse and Hindu terror than Gandhi Ji’s legacy. The leftist cabal realized that invoking Godse’s name is the shortest path. They would have never found anything of this stature to peddle their anti-Hindu narrative.
Godse immortalized Gandhi. Had Gandhi Ji lived another decade the chances were that his ideas and conduct would have damaged his credibility making him an outlier.
In fact, it is the RSS that has kept Gandhi Ji’s ideals alive through its work on rural development, organic farming, cow-conservation & protection, social equality, and harmony, imparting education in one’s own language and swadeshi economy and lifestyle. But who are demeaned? The RSS. It did a great disservice to the RSS and made it commies’ most favorite punching bag.
It is high time that these folks realize that they need to detach Godse from the Idea of India. Godse is best forgotten and there is no point in raking up his name again and again. His act was despicable, loathable and it absolutely makes no sense to talk about it now after seven decades.

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