Congress hires JNU’s Leftist code of Omerta…

JNU, now synonymous with hooliganism and protests, has stood witness to the maximum number of protests shouting anti-national slogans. The nationalist groups of the campus have always been at the receiving end of Communists/Marxists, Islamic fundamentalists masquerading as students aligned to SFI, AISA, AISF, etc. In fact, now the left-sponsored intolerance and hooliganism stand well incorporated into JNU’s fabric.

What happened on Sunday (5th Jan 2020) was no different. Here is the chronology of events how the leftist rogues ransacked the campus:

On 24th November 2019, reiterating its demand for a complete rollback of the hostel fee hike and other changes made in the hostel rules as well as the removal of vice-chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar from the university, there was a call by JNUSU to boycott the exams.

For the first time in the history of JNU students boycotted the end-semester exams as a part of their ongoing agitation. Out of 13 schools exams were conducted in only three schools. The JNU-LEFT had kept the university under forced lockdown not allowing students to take end semester exams. The students who appeared for the exams were mishandled, professors who tried to take exams also assaulted and schools were forcefully shut. So much so that the JNU administration proposed to conduct exams through WhatsApp and Email. Online exams took place and a large number of students participated.

The world over communists has indulged in unbridled violence and bloodshed for furthering their ideology. How could they tolerate this? The Registration for the new semester was to start from 1 to 5th January. Many students wanted to register but leftist-goons planned to boycott the registration altogether.

On 3rd January mid-noon, mask covered leftist-goons entered the Communication and Information Service (CIS) and broke the server for registration and wifi of JNU was shut by them. The leftists we’re occupying the JNU server room along with goons from outside. Here is a video clip that shows the students affiliated to Left unions blocked the main server room of JNU. Someone tweeted that a few days ago there were tutorials by Left on how to use masks to avoid facial recognition. (Watch: clip via @amitmalviya)

On 4th January Leftist-students bashed up ABVP members when they were facilitating the admission process which the leftists wanted to stop. Leftist goons assaulted the students as well as professors. Only after the intervention of JNU security, they were pushed out and repairing of server started around 5 PM. This is exactly what triggered the clashes in the JNU campus on Sunday. (Watch: clip via @invincibleidea)

After assaulting JNU students and Professors yesterday, left-wing goons entered hostels today to attack the ABVP activists in retribution. There was NO provocation of any kind. It was a planned attack by KaumReds with the help of the outsiders. First, they entered the Periyar hostel and after being chased away by guards they attacked Sabarmati hostel targeting specifically ABVP students, started pelting stones & breaking windows. Then they went to Mahi Mandvi and did vandalism. Wherever they found ABVP students they brutally thrashed them.

Students of the hostel came out with hockey sticks, bats, etc to chase them away. That’s the video/pics being circulated by left and mainstream media as that of ‘ABVP goons’. (Watch: clip via @Abhina_Prakash)

The JNU administration contacted the Police requesting to come and maintain the law & order on the campus. By the time police came, students were beaten up mercilessly. JNU  admin said that around 4.30 pm, a group of students, who were against the registration process moved aggressively from the front of the admin block and reached the hostels. The violence started after this.

But saying that it was ‘solely’ left-sponsored violence would be wrong. The opponents of Narendra Modi Govt at the center used the leftist rogues of the JNU campus to keep the pot boiling.

The usual suspects started live commentary much before the media could cover the incidence. Within minutes of the attack, Left and Congress leaders started blaming ABVP in a synchronized manner. Half of the C-grade Bollywood actors started tweeting about the mayhem created on the campus by ABVP with the support of Delhi Police. WA group screenshot was shared suggesting an orchestrated attack on innocent students by the fascist Govt.


Despite the presence of Yogendra Yadav and Daniel Raja at trouble spots in real-time giving enough hints, give credit where due. Everything looked like a perfectly synchronized choreography from this well-oiled cabal. 

Bad Luck!!

In over-excitement, the great Panauti Barkha Dutt shared WhatsApp screenshots claiming that ABVP organized the violence in JNU. In minutes it was fact-checked by @Ibne_Sena that the number quoted belongs to Congress crowdfunding website. Barkha helped expose her own masters.

As if that was not enough, the intelligent folks of Congress party tweets a clarification and in minutes was taken offline. It was an obvious admission that the number in the WhatsApp group inciting violence was associated with  Congress Party, with an excuse that ‘Number was of Vendor’ and they were not a part of this whole conspiracy. Decisively rejected by the people twice, today’s Congress appears more leftist than the left.

But soon the classic Russian Maskirovka tactics failed. The propaganda of ABVP instigating violence via WhatsApp group was debunked. Our very own Sherlock Holmes (@iAnkurSinghfound that all these rogues were Jamia Students:

Look at this chronology in the Group:

1. Abdul Kabeer changed the group name to ‘Sanghi Goons Moordabad’

2. Sajjad Ansari changed the group name to ‘ABVP Chee Chee’

3. Ubaid changed the group name to ‘Left Terror Down Down’

The ugliness of our media folks is far more saddening. Many mainstream Journalists were sharing many WhatsApp group screenshots claiming them to be of the ABVP group. But when Twitteratti started exposing the plot that these were Leftists posing as ABVP in the WhatsApp group, suddenly all of them stopped sharing the new screenshots.

Among the first few reports of JNU violence, JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh was one of the first students seen bleeding in a picture and said that she had been brutally attacked by goons wearing masks. In a strange twist of events, another video emerged in which Aishe Ghosh can be seen directing masked men. Report.

The evidence for the left having started the violence and conspired to put the blame on ABVP is undeniable. Four outsider goons have been nabbed while trying to flee from the North Gate of the JNU campus and taken to the Vasant Kunj police station.

What amazes the most that in every such protest organized by these Leftist rogues, be it  against CAA, Abrogation of Article 370 or the Campus Fee Hike, they always seek “Hinduon Se Azadi.” The group that gathered in Mumbai at Gateway of India in solidarity of these rogues also raised the slogans of “Hinduon Se Aazadi” and “Free Kashmir.”

The Left is ideologically bankrupt and has rightly evaporated from Indian political scene barring Kerala, JNU and some corners of academia. But the Congress Party must rethink its ideological history. Or else, the crisis of its political legitimacy may not outlive the warnings.

It shouldn’t be difficult to hunt down these hooligans on political hire who use violence on campus. Hope Delhi Police investigates the incidence swiftly and an example of Zero tolerance to violence is set immediately.

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