Acting or hypocrisy, Aamir is second to none!

As Zaira Wasim quits acting, after being brutally bullied by the fundamentalists, the Fake liberals, and especially the shameless Bollywood hypocrites like Aamir Khan, Javed Akhtar, and Anurag Kashyap are once again observing radio silence. The irony is that the same people who made films like Dangal and claimed to fame for women emancipation are observing radio silence when the same girl from their own fraternity is being brutally bullied and quit a promising career. Amazing hypocrites!!

4 years back also the 16-year-old Kashmiri actor Zaira was vehemently abused by the fundamentalists for acting in Aamir’s DANGAL, in a ‘polluted medium’ against “religious norms” and bringing shame and disgrace to Islam. Her fraternity chose to be silent.


Post-Dangal success, famous Zaira met the then J&K CM. During the meet, she spoke her mind on the importance of educating the girl child and women’s safety. When Mehbooba Mufti described her as a “Kashmiri role model,” she was again being targeted and abused.


Threatened and abused, the young traumatized Zaira was forced to apologize publicly and wrote Facebook posts explaining her position. Imagine her plight! Screenshots reproduce here: [Pic 3]


The fact that Zaira is a Muslim is not a problem. Majority of the Bollywood actresses have been Muslims historically. Zaira hails from Jammu & Kashmir, and her pursuing the career of acting defies the Jihadi narrative of the separatists. So they brutally bullied her.

Pained and anguished reactions on Social Media started pouring in support of Zaira. Many asked the Bollywood to assert themselves and stand in support of the minor girl from their fraternity. The Fake liberals and the shameless Bollywood hypocrites remained zipped.

Anurag Kashyap responded. Not by condemning the abusers, but condemning the SM users. Before SM could recover from the shock of Kashyap’s stupidity, Aamir issued ‘public statement’ appealing people to leave Zaira alone and respect that she is just 16-year-old. [Pic 4]

Any sane mind would think that Zaira needed the support of the masses against the fringe extremists of Kashmir. Instead of asking people to stand by her side, Aamir asked people to leave Zaira alone, as if she was seeking forgiveness for the wrong that she did.

Needless to say, Aamir tried to garner public sympathy at the cost of mental torture of a young, vibrant Muslim girl from Kashmir pursuing her dreams. Once again AAMIR is silent, wants Zaira to be left alone, while she is being abused and intimidated in her state.

No surprise why there is NO condemnation of fundamentalists who threatened this young talented girl to the level that she had to quit her incredible choice of career. The Cowardice of Bollywood, especially Aamir Khan, proves that be it acting or hypocrisy, he is second to none. Shame!

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