Hows the josh? – High Madam!!

Priyanka Vadra, wife of Robert Vadra, the accused fraudster, and serial land grabber, directly becomes party General Secretary of India’s oldest political party, without any past contributions, without any credible qualification, without any struggle, just because she is a Dynast.

And our feeding-on-crumbs media is dancing wagging their tail.

On a piece of news that was neither unexpected nor unanticipated, many shameless senior journalists also couldn’t contain their excitement. The entire obsequious media were celebrating the formal entry of Priyanka Vadra (someone who co-owns Congress Party) into politics, as though she has some proven past records as a political strategist. Shameful conduct.

The media also is pitching how closely Priyanaka resembles Indira Gandhi, trying to project that she is the true descendant of her grandmother and how she can be the Congress Party savior.

See the below video to know how exactly India Today is fawning over Priyanka by playing the song “Hawa Hawaii.” This is exactly what is Indian Media!

But the fact remains, as someone pointed out on Twitter, which we have also witnessed earlier, that Priyanka is nothing more than Rahul Gandhi in a long sleeve blouse and a Handloom Saree.

Another brutal fact is, that it is an absolute acknowledgment, which the whole country also knows, that Rahul Gandhi has been an abject failure. It also is evident that Rahul may want to restrict her role in the party, as he, in front of media equated her with Jyotiraditya Scindhia.

We have known that in past Rahul has restricted her entry into the Party. So bringing her in now shows Congress’s utter desperation after no sign of any alliance with any regional party seems to be working, as Rahul for them is like a fly in the milk.

The almost euphoric reaction of the media and the Congress cadres at the political plunge of Priyanka Vadra is based on their absurd assumption that Indian electorates are fools and idiots who have still not outgrown the Nehru-Gandhi fixation despite their many misdeeds.

These Congress cronies having mid-day orgasm over Priyanka’s political plunge, must realize that the Vadra overhang is massive. Priyanka Vadra will now have to come out in open and declare whether she knows about and approves of the various dubious dealings of her husband Robert Vadra.

But trust the Pidi media to play her a martyr for something fundamentally nepotistic and corrupt.

Remember the movie PEEPLI LIVE, and how the unknown hamlet becomes the favorite hunting ground for the voyeuristic news channels, hungry for TRPs? That was an ugly reality of our mainstream media.

The state of our media today is even uglier. In fact, There’s no journalism, there are no media, not even opinions. There’s only pure, full-fledged propaganda and advocacy here.

What I am going to share now is pukeworthy.

This info was shared by one Twitter user (@OkieTataBye) yesterday. This guy was traveling to Prayagraj and thought of visiting Anand Bhavan but ended up seeing something more interesting, and he recorded this tamasha.

With the announcement of Priyanka Gandhi formally joining politics, some 10-15 people gathered at Anand Bhavan and were sloganeering “Priyanka Gandhi Jindabad” etc.

One reporter Mausami Singh from Aaj Tak and a cameraman were busy shooting then, but she didn’t get the live feed. She asked them to stop and wait, once we are live, then you start. She was, in fact, managing the entire show and was trying to make it look more presentable.

Few more reporters were there, who took a few bites and logged off. But Mausami needed more so she is started feeding them the Congress slogans, like a good school teacher. Watch.
This man who clicked these clips left the place and visited Anand Bhavan and came back after hours. The tamasha was still on. Now the KRANTIKARI REPORTER was managing the supporters, asking them to put a few ladies in the front. Soon four ladies joined the group, with instantly done makeup.
After the setup, she was now interviewing someone. With the camera focussing the man being interviewed, Mausami with another hand, like Manmohan Desai, was asking the crowd to raise slogans. Watch:
All other reporters had left but Mausami was focused on her job (whatever it might have been). She held the same crowd of 14-15 people till 4.00. Helped the traffic jam while she was creating the news.
In her news byte, she mentioned Utsaah in workers, people are rejoicing, Mahila supports of Priyanka.. etc. but not a word was true. But she made a good show that would appear euphoric on the TV screen.

Media, over-playing Priyanka becoming General Secretary of Congress Party is a kind of absurdity that depicts how low our media has stooped and become an open cheerleader for the Gandhi family, like slaves!

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