Beware of this Lutyens Cabal!

Paraphrasing what I once read somewhere about Journalism: If person A says that it’s raining outside and person B says that it’s dry, journalists’ job is not to report both the statements. Their job is to look out the fucking window and find out who is lying, and report. Your fucking job is to be focusing on getting to the truth, and that means calling bullshit when warranted.

But just look at where we are.

In 2015, Delhi’s Patiala Court granted bail to Congress Royals Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for CHEATING & MISAPPROPRIATION of funds in acquiring ownership of now-defunct daily National Herald, after they furnished personal bonds of Rs 50,000 each and one surety. Shame!

On Dec 21, 2018, the High Court ordered Sonia Gandhi to vacate the Herald house in a Scam, in which public premises and land worth Rs 5,000 crore were transferred in a surreptitious manner to Gandhi family-owned trust.

2 days before, Income Tax Dept. passed an order to Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi that they had “ESCAPED INCOMES,” over what was declared and assessed in 2011-12 of Rs 155.41 crores and Rs 154.96 crores respectively, after reassessing their incomes relating to Associated Journals Ltd.

Former home and finance minister of India, P. Chidambaram,  is now probed by ED for money laundering. The same man is appearing as a lawyer on behalf of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who has been issued 100 crore tax evasion notice.

So basically the Indian National Congress’s PM aspirant is already a convicted TAX-CHOR and the courts have also accused them of fraud and willful tax evasion. These thugs want to win the 2019 General Election and rule this country. 

Last month, the UK court extradited Augusta Westland middleman Christian Micheal (Michel Mama) to India who admitted to having bribed 50+ Cr to 68 Lutyen’s Journos to promote Agusta Copters against any other, has also been talking of Mrs. Gandhi in the CBI and ED investigation.

So ideally, we should have been discussing the modus-operandi of the defense scandals during the Congress regime, Sonia and Rahul’s Tax Chori, their chances of landing in jail in the National Herald case, etc. etc… but what we are discussing? RAFALE, that has already got a clean chit from the Supreme Court! This is called the ‘ecosystem’.

This cabal’s whole job is restricted to project the lying, corrupt, entitled brat as the winner in the Rafale Debate in the parliament when in reality he was ripped apart by Arun Jaitley and ran away from the parliament with his tail in his legs to do a Pidi-Conference.

In that Pidi-Conference, this out on bail Clown-Prince was lying word after word from his teeth. What did Supreme Court say and not say was being told to the friendly media by this retard. Not a single journalist had the guts to say they have read the judgment and what he was saying is a blatant lie.

By the way, ONE question was asked that could have demolished all his bigotry, was also brushed aside, and he again ran away from the PC.

Last week, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman not once, but twice thrashed this incoherent moron for misleading the nation, inside Parliament and also in the media through interviews leaving the whole opposition stunned with her arguments based on facts.

What did Rahul do? He resorted to a new low by attacking her personally with grossly sexist and misogynist remarks that even NCW had to take note of. But our MeToo liberals will continue pretending Rahul is some woke millennial boy.

Time and again, it is being said that Congress is a mafia that runs through the indescribable Lutyens cabal who make up stories, refusing to run real stories, making themselves look like utter fools but serving the command. There’s no journalism, there are no media. There’s pure, full-fledged advocacy here.

In the entire Rafale saga, this cabal’s job is reduced to issuing statements. “Rahul dares Modi”, “Rahul claims Laura, Rahul claims Lahsun.” but nobody, not a single independent mainstream journalist/portal has bothered to fact-check this moron’s blatant lies.

Instead, what do the Darbari Media do? They run his PR Agency. Just look at these shocking remarks.

Radia’s little coolie (as the Mediacrooks fame Ravinar calls him) MK Venu blurted out the real agenda on a debate on NDTV: “Here is what I think… The Rafale issue, the doubts have been sown… Having said that… the Rafale issue has not gone beyond the Tier-1 cities… It has not gone to the rural belt”.

Are you shocked? Don’t be.

2 days back, on Republic TV, Senior Editor Sanjeev Srivastava (ex TOI, Indian Express, BBC & Firstpost) also made a chilling remark: “Whether RAFALE IS A SCAM OR NOT, DOES NOT MATTER. What is important is that we managed to pervade doubts in public mind, and it is widely perceived.”

Yes indeed! Divided by opinion, united by agenda! Beware of this cabal!

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