No shortage of hypocrites in God’s own country!

Bishop of Jalandhar, Franco Mulakkal, who has been accused by a nun from Kerala of raping her on multiple occasions between 2014 and 2016, has also been accused by at least three other nuns who claim that he took advantage of his position within the diocese and approached them with malicious intentions.

An investigation is ongoing but no arrests have been made. Seven nuns of the Missionaries of Jesus order (Mulakkal also belongs to the order) joined protests in Kerala to demand Mulakkal’s arrest.

The church has not given us justice, Neither have police or the government. We will fight. It was the church that forced us onto the streets” – said Sister Anupama.

Yet, No celebrities with placards. No status updates saying “I am ashamed to be a Christian.” No cartoons or memes attacking the faith. 

Here, this hypocrite Bishop Franco was asking justice for Kathua rape victim. Another hypocrite from Kerala who can be seen in this picture is a Muslim businessman named Moitheen who was later caught in a CCTV footage molesting a minor.

church 2

The Church has been consistent and clear. Its first job is to protect the priests, not their victims. 

Some examples:

  1. Roselin’s fight against the powerful Catholic Church for allegedly colluding to cover up the “murder” after repeated sexual abuse of her 17-year-old daughter.
  2. A priest in Kerala used the confession of a married woman to sexually exploit her and to present her to his fellow priests by sharing the details of the confession with them.
  3. Kerala’s rapist Catholic Church’s priest Father Robin had been raping children and women for 30 yrs before the arrest. He made the minor girl’s father to own that crime initially, but DNA samples proved otherwise. Finally, he coerced that poor girl to admit sex was consensual & she wasn’t minor! Worst, that possibly the community knew about this but hushed it up.
  4. 20 children rescued from illegal Christian orphanage in Kathua after sexual abuse, pastor arrested

There’s a reason for Bishop Franco’s smile.

Sexual abuse has a long history in the Catholic Church. Pope Paul II (1467-71) died while being sodomized by a page boy. The US Catholic Priest molested/raped 130 kids over 3 decades. Church just transferred him. How is it that the Catholic Church has not only harbored so many pedophile priests but strenuously covered up their criminal activities? Protecting pedophile priests goes back to Christian canon law

‘We condemn the 5 nuns protesting with some organizations working against the church. Our conscious doesn’t allow us to crucify an innocent soul (accused rapist bishop) based on sexual abuse allegations by a nun. We suspect nuns have been forced into a protest by external influence”: says the Missionaries of Jesus that comes under Bishop Franco.  Not at all surprising as this is what the church has been doing always.

“No one has doubt that the nun is a prostitute. 12 times she enjoyed it and the 13th time it is rape? Why didn’t she complain the first time?” – PC George, Kerala MLA (Independent) on the victim nun.

Former Kerala HC Justice Slams State DGP For Not Arresting Rape Accused Bishop. Alleges an unholy nexus between the bishop and the higher-ups in the police department for the delay in arrests.

The Church, the State of Kerala and the entire Secular brigade is busy shielding the rapist Bishop with little or no backlash. It is impossible to get past the powerful Christian deep state in Kerala with tentacles in politics, police, state.

In the US, it is illegal for the Church to tell its congregation how to vote. The concept of SECULARISM came in only to curtail the power of the Church.

But the Indian “secularism” does the exact opposite. It advances the agendas of the Church. The Bishops council may decide and announce which alliance it backs. That’s how secularism works in India!

The Church will not act and will pressurize the Govt., threaten it to dare not touch the priests. The Priests can abuse with impunity, and cry “persecution” if caught. It can be arrogant too because it knows in India, because of the twisted Secularism, it is above the law.

That is why the shameless mainstream media openly discusses that 40 plus constituencies are in control of Catholics Church that tells in Mass whom to vote and it is followed. In a way, it threatens the State Govt. to dare not touch the Bishop.

The survivor nun’s 7-page letter to the Vatican ambassador is shocking on many counts. She lists out all the people she has written to including Pope Francis. None responded. Bishop Franco filed three cases against her and family to intimidate them. Rs. 5 crores offered to the family of the victim nun to take back the complaint. Almost 20 nuns have left over the years due to abuse, but no one acted.

Now, look around. Compare how many were vocal on Kathua Case, against perpetrators like Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Asaram Bapu and also the scale of national and international media coverage. It’s never about the victims. It’s always about which ‘community’ the culprits belong to.

Check out the practicing Christians. No, not all of them, the POLITICALLY VOCAL, Kerala Commies.  What do you observe? Radio silence! These “believers” happily believe in the Pope and his rapist Bishops. The same lot who call every other person, who seek Justice, even if the perpetrator is from his/her religion, a Sanghi.

There is no shortage of hypocrites in God’s own country!

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  1. Thanks for bringing attention to abuse of nuns by priests.


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