The Victimhood Narrative around Natural Calamity – The Kerala Style

The devastating Kerala floods that led to the deaths of over 350 people and the displacement of over 3 lakh others. 

As the operations to rescue those stranded in rain-ravaged areas near completion, the focus has shifted on cleaning and rehabilitation. The Army, Navy and Air Force are continuing concerted efforts to help the state govt in this regard. Several NGOs and Volunteers are also helping people in this effort. Water levels of dams and most rivers are receding. Train and bus services are slowly returning to normalcy. Many have started returning to their homes.  Efforts to clean up homes are underway in most districts.

It is time to look back and reflect how SOME Keralites damaged Kerala’s reputation and nation-wide response around natural calamities with their cheap behavior.

I live in ‘GELF’ with many Keralites around; some very decent, some classy, some  not very, some indifferent and also some also very cheap. I salute the ordinary Keralites, who braved the calamity and fought saving themselves and their loved ones. I respect those who were focused helping others and had no time for the petty issues raked by their brethren for partisan political ends.

How the state overall stood strongly to this calamity, also reflects the real strength of Kerala. But I have been left sad and disgusted by the thankless, cheap commie bigots.

In response to this devastating calamity, while help came in from all corners, with corporates, individual states, central govt. and people from across India – from all sections – the cricketers, the celebrities, the common people, essentially the whole country donated and are still donating wholeheartedly, small or big in their own capacity. Even states like Nagaland, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh came forward, while they were themselves fighting with natural calamities. What an overwhelming gesture!

The Army, Para-Military, NDRF, Many Social Organizations are working tirelessly in Kerala day and night, rescuing, helping people.  

But, some people had to try to incite hatred and division using the fabricated news to justify their hatred. The hateful pathetic “Kambi Thoonu Folks” who can only blame others, were busy and still busy all over the social media spreading fake propaganda that the center is not helping and that RSS is stopping relief work. I mean how hateful one can get to use a natural calamity to spread lies?

The Central Govt has in fact, released Rs.600 crore in ADVANCE pending assessment by IMCT and decision of the High Level Committee. This was in addition to Rs.562.45 crore already made available in SDRF of the State, with a note that whatever is needed shall be done, India stands with Kerala. Read in detail here.

In addition to the financial support, the Centre has made available large quantities of emergency food, water, medicines and other essential supplies, including additional allocation of food grains, as requested by the State setting aside normal rules and procedure for these supplies in view of emergency nature of the requirement.

40 helicopters, 31 aircraft, 182 teams for rescue, 18 Medical Teams of Defense forces, 58 teams of NDRF, 7 companies of CAPFs involving about 1500 personnel were pressed into search and rescue operations along with over 500 boats and necessary rescue equipment. All this on war footing. They successfully saved over 60,000 human lives by rescuing them from marooned areas and shifting them to relief camps.

The Prime Minister also directed Insurance companies to hold special camps for assessment and release compensation in a timely fashion to the affected beneficiaries under social security schemes. Houses that have been destroyed in villages are to be provided PMAY(G) houses on priority irrespective of their place on the wait-list. An ex-Gratia of Rs 2 lakh per person for the next of kin of the deceased has been announced from the PM’s National Relief Fund, as well as Rs 50,000 for those who are seriously injured.

I understand there are severe ideological/political differences among people. But at this point in time of a national calamity, it’s not about politics, it is about our very own people, who need our support.

But no. There are some sickos around and mind you, they are not very FEW in number . These agenda-driven commies, sitting comfortably at safe places, are using this disaster as an opportunity to attack North Indians, Modi and the Central govt.

Look at these narrative. The entire propaganda is based on lies and falsehood.

The same Army soldiers who they mock round the year and called rapists are helping the fellow-countrymen by putting their lives at stake.

They did not stop complaining against the Central Govt or abusing the Army but also blamed the neighboring state Tamil Nadu for release of water from Mullaperiyar Dam, which they claim is the reason for flood in Kerala.

Dear commies, when you are in need of help, nobody owes it to you. Whatever people/other states do to help is their kindness and more importantly the sense of belonging for each other. Accept all small and big contributions with gratitude and save your venomous north-south divide for another time. Is it a big ask?

There were several humane gestures too. In the wake of the rescue operation conducted by the Indian Forces, pilot Vijay Vama and his men received a unique thank you note. A huge ‘Thanks’ was painted on the roof of the house from where the rescue operation was conducted. 


Tragedies are never to be compared but never heard those states which are ravaged every year being given anything by rich satellite states. No one played the victim and indulged in separatism like these vile Kerala commies.

Bengal and Bihar are two states that faces floods regularly but it has never played a victim. Do you remember any Bihari taunting South Indian states/people for not helping Bihar during floods? Floods in Bihar and Bengal rarely make it to the news in South India. How much Kerala ever donated to Bihar or Bengal’s flood? Or anyone to Uttarakhand during catastrophic floods? Was there ever a similar mobilization to help much poorer people? No. But these thankless Commies’ arrogance and sense of entitlement are of another level.

On one hand, 6000 Swayamsevaks have reached flood-affected Aranmula village and  SILENTLY started cleaning process. Thousands of RSS Swamsevaks are working in the rescue operations from day one.  

On the other side, the Kerala Commie pigs repacked the relief materials donated from other states in new bags with CPM labels. They are also indulged in rescue operations from day one.

kerala commies

Then an entirely spurious and viciously divisive debate was spun out of a fake news that UAE has made an offer of Rs 700 Cr to Kerala Govt which Narendra Modi Govt has declined. When a Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala says, “Modi Ji Na to kisi ki madad karenge, na hi kisi ko karne denge” is absolutely understandable. But at this time of need, how can Kerala CM and his commie vultures can indulge in this partisan politics? How?

While the flood rescue and relief operations were at their peak following PM Modi’s visit to the stricken state, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan had stated while addressing media said:

UAE pledged Rs 700 crore as financial aid. As soon as this amount was announced, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had welcomed it on Twitter. Nations have to help each other. It is normal and happens across the world.  But we have across media reports that there have been some problems in accepting the aid offered by UAE. In this regard, the state government will officially discuss and resolve the obstacles. If the obstacles persists, we can even approach the prime minister.

kerala cm

Ex-CM, Congress leader Oommen Chandy, had taken the matter forward by writing a letter to PM expressing his disappointment at the allocation made by the central government, and also the decision to deny financial aid of Rs 700 crore the UAE. Chandy also sought for modifications to be made to a decade old UPA-rule calling it a ‘calamity of severe nature’.

The fact is that there was NO SUCH OFFER. Yet all this drama, without even an iota of truth about any such offer. Crucially, the idea was to propagate a narrative so that the IMAGINARY Rs 700 to eclipse the Rs 600 crore allocated by the Central Govt, as a result of which it soon became a political debate.

How despicable!?

Even the mainstream media without any due diligence, hand in glove with the commie Kerala media went to town with this fake story, fueling partisan politics. Some idiots on Social media helped spread this rumor. What a Shame!!

They were not happy about receiving aid for Kerala. They were just happy that UAE aid (700cr) is more than what Indian Govt.India gave, (hiding the truth that the State actually received ₹950cr so far), and therefore they now have a weapon to foul-mouth PM Modi! That’s Left-Liberal scoundrels for you!


There is not a single thing that these Left-Liberal scoundrels not try to create a fault line, to divide the country, and every time they fail. Hindu-Muslim, Majority-Minority, Upper Caste- Lower Caste, Brahman-Dalit …. and this time they played South Vs North.

Natural calamities happen almost every year in a different part of the country. The only silver lining to them is how the nation always comes together to help in whatever way it can. Never before had “who did what” became a central narrative. Sadly, Kerala has changed it for ever.

Leaves me both Horrified and Saddened!!












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