Award Wapsi – Episode 3

In an unprecedented move, top four judges of Supreme Court, Justice J. Chelameswar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Madan Lokur AND Justice Kurien Joseph addressed the media making public their differences with the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Mishra, accusing the CJI of assigning cases to benches of his preference. A highly unusual and utterly sad move.
It was saddening to see the men of wisdom washing dirty linen in public. Many including me were perplexed, unsure, what’s happening. But soon, things started becoming more evident. The usual suspects, the NGO-Lutyens gang were seen converging in support. Indira Jaisingh posing as a journalist was asking suitable questions. Shekhar Gupta was visibly at the center of the affair, working hard to ensure a spectacle.
Rahul Gandhi hurried and tried to politicise the matter by accusing the CJI.
Unfortunately for the Award Wapsi 3.0 brigade, Daniel Raja was clicked meeting Justice Chelameshwar at his official residence and spoilt the sinister script. D Raja was apparently sent on a mission to convey the messages and expression of support by …. your guess is as good as mine. Then Prakash Karat let the cat out of the bag and leaked the plot.
I have some serious questions to ask these learned, wise men who consider themselves above criticism.
It is amusing the four “Judges” saw their liberty and freedom to work trampled by not being allowed to select “Cases” of their choice to deliver and rudder the Judgements as witnessed on the 2G Scam and the Adarsh-Housing Scam. Where were these 4 judges when the democracy was murdered in Kashmir? Where were they when the cases related to Sikh riots, Kashmiri Pandit exodus were closed saying they were too old?
The honorable judges have shown the way to a wrong trend of revolting against the CJI by going to the media. The dissenting judges could have gone to the President of India. Instead, they took an atrocious judgment of coming out on the street like small-time politicians. Did you not because the new President is BJP nominated?
While they accused the CJI of opaque practice, they also displayed unusual interest in the Justice Loya death petition. When the petitioner himself has no problem when Justice Loya’s own family says he died a natural death, why don’t these judges believe them but the Congress? Why should be not inferred that you are also a part of the lobby?
The Charge: “they are not allotted specific large impact cases, and these cases were allotted to other benches of CJI choice.” This notion itself is very intriguing. Why do they want those specific cases?
First, they said that all the CJs are equal, the CJI is only the first among the equal. Fair. But ff all the Judges are equal, why such heartburning about the allocation of cases to so-called Junior Judges? Unless these judges are politically motivated and wanted politically loaded Cases in which they would rule according to the political prejudice, why should it matter which judge gets which case?
Are they hinting that the other junior SC judges are not loyal? If one is suggesting that changing benches in SC can change nature of the judgment, then are they not also suggesting that every Judge is amenable to influence? Is this not an extraordinary implication and an admission?
Why are Prakash Karat and his lobby so keen to have these specific 4 Supreme Court Judges in the AYODHYA hearing? Why the Left-liberal malcontents should get the right to fix benches, especially the Ram Mandir case? Why? Think. It looks like the entire drama is to pressurize the CJI and bargain on the Ram Mandir and other such crucial issues.
In the Ram Mandir case, this gang tried to delay the trial indefinitely. The famous Rajiv Dhawan retirement and return drama are related to the present loss of entitlement. The 4 Judges have played out the script written by this evil gang.
The inconvenient fact is that there is powerful, full of entitlement complex PIL-Gang (also called Dial-a-bail-Gang) that operates in SC that uses the PIL route to undermine the government of the day and the Indian traditions. There are people like Dushyant Dave and Indira Jaising, the permanent member of this Gang, who seem to be running a parallel Supreme Court along with Prashant Bhushan, Rajeev Dhawan, and Kapil Sibal.
They are in cahoots with Islamists and Evangelists, and Justice Dipak Mishra confronted them. 
“There are only 4 judges against CJI Dipak Misra, but 20 other judges are in his support. Democracy is not in danger. The 4 judges have done a very wrong thing. They should be impeached and sent home” — Retired Justice RS Sodhi.
The mature Modi Sarkar, in an appropriate response, rejected all speculations to intervene in the Judges-At-War crisis. Well done. 
Frankly, we should be happy that it is all out in the open now. That the my-lords have started abusing/exposing each other since no one else can. Without this spectacle, the nation wouldn’t have known about the nexus of advocates who fix judges in cases for a favorable judgment.
Some good introspection might come out of this. Judiciary, an institution that has not reformed itself, too needs to be disinfected with sunlight at regular intervals.

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