Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is inevitable! How? … time will tell.

An amicable, out-of-court settlement over the Ram Temple issue was a better course of action, said a bench of Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar, Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul claiming it is a sensitive and sentimental issue and it’s best that it is settled amicably.

This was in response to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy urging apex court to constitute a bench to hear a batch of petitions challenging the 2010 Allahabad High Court order which said that there should be a partition of the Ayodhya land between the parties to the dispute. The Apex Court also emphasized that if negotiations break down then it will intervene & appoint a mediator for resolution.

The SC has asked Cricket to be handed over to it, it has no hesitation in passing judgment on Dahi-Handi & Jallikattu and has asked an issue like Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi to be taken elsewhere? This is extremely shameful and dishonest statement by the Apex court. It is because of such statements that people lose faith in judiciary.

The judiciary suggests “out of court settlement” after procrastinating for 25 long years. As though nobody had ever thought of it before. “Out of court” settlement had been sought by Hindu side for 15 years. It was given up only after disappointingly realizing the futility.

For those unaware, let me remind that Ram Janm Bhoomi site was a functioning Temple since 1949 and no No Namaz was allowed. What was removed in 1992 was a disputed structure and It was removed because both the Judiciary and the political parties negated every assurance they gave for 42yrs. For 42 years Hindu groups and Vishva Hindu Parishad were jerked around judiciary without even an iota of progress.

Read what the Allahabad HC said way back in 1955: “It is very desirable that a suit of this kind is decided as soon as possible”


Supreme Court assured the Hindu groups that HC will dispose-off all the cases by December 1991 but hearings continued into 1992. In July 1992, SC asked VHP to stop the “Kar Seva” and assured all cases would be decided by SC. VHP stopped the Kar Seva, and shockingly The Apex Court went back from their word. The Kar Seva was then set for 6th December 1992, when the Allahabad HC concluded hearings on 4th November 1992. Kalyan Singh pleaded for judgment, but judge went on leave. Yes on Leave! That is how MyLords derelicted of its duty during 1990-92 phase. Imagine what happened between 1949-1990. Nothing.

Who has infinite patience on such a sensitive issue? Not only that, during the same time the “Shah Bano case” was progressing at a brisk pace through lower court, HC & SC and also a constitutional amendment followed at jet speed. For one group Justice (injustice to be precise)  was being served at double the normal speed while on the contrary, the majority community was being moved around the Court like jokers for four decades. This obviously alarmed VHP & Co.

It is because of such imbecility of Judiciary that people lose faith and take law into their hands, like those who demolished “Babri.” Judicial issue has been ongoing since 1949, the events of 1992 were a result of failure of the Judiciary and the political leadership. The basic fundamental of life is, that no one gives it to you, you have to take it.

When all the warring parties in the RJB case have maintained they will honor the Court Verdict, once again the SC has simply refused to give a verdict after hearing the case for decades. The Apex Court was supposed to give evidence based verdict on the question if there was a temple on the disputed site or NOT which it should have given verdict on the available evidence.

This is a simple and defining legal question that was crystallized and agreed by all.


As a citizen, we all have the right to know the truth which the SC is denying. Without the truth being established, any reconciliation would be superficial.

If there was a possibility of a settlement by gesture and goodwill, then there would not have been any case to start with. Historians of both sides even had meetings & presented evidence. Historians like Irfan Habib, Romila Thapar walked away from the meetings after they realized the evidence presented by VHP was irrefutable. The archaeology has clearly established the existence of a temple.

Vishnu-hari inscription under the babri site
Vishnu-hari inscription under the babri site

But if that wisdom did not prevail then, why would that prevail now? What has changed? Only change is the Political change of guard. If that is what is sparking an out of court settlement, it could be seen compromised. More so, because in current existing political scenario, it is bound to be seen as a forced compromise.

The Hindu side had proposed that it would construct 100 Mosques elsewhere if the Muslim side gave up claims to “disputed site.” VHP had offered this solution which the Shias accepted because this used to be Shia mosque. But the Sunnis wanted a confrontation hence the Waqf Board (who were not the original party to the case) joined the suit just 6 days before they would have been time barred.

For a thousand years, Jihadis destroyed Hindu temples and constructed mosques over them. Several hundreds of Hindu temples have been brought down and desecrated in Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Bengal since then. In Kashmir alone, 499 Hindu temples were destroyed in 1989-90, BEFORE the demolition of Babri. If Hindus begin commemorating their temple destruction, everyday will be black day including December 6. It was on November 20, 1665 that Aurangzeb ordered Somanth and the surrounding temples to be destroyed. The order was carried out on December 6. But it did not bring down Secularism.

It is only now the turn of secularists to lecture us to build hospitals instead. Amazing bigotry is again propagated. The only place where a world class hospital/university can be built is RJB site. A world-class institute will be less world class if it is made on another piece of land. More worrying is that the fact that these Islamists will give up Babri Masjid for a hospital but not for Ram Mandir. That’s the catch.

Here is a proposal – build a Hindu temple, an Islamic mosque, a church in Ayodhya, Makkah and Vatican. Let’s see who is more tolerant! It is amazingly ridiculous that the majority has to beg to restore a temple at one of Hinduism’s greatest sites.

Hindus must make whatever it takes offer to Muslims on Ram Mandir that ensures respect of their faith. If Muslims allow a Bhavya temple to be built at that spot, it will go a long way in building a cohesive relations. Make offers like a certain percentage of the annual temple revenue can go to fund old poor Muslims to visit Haj. Anything that make them happily and peacefully agree.

But a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is inevitable. The Vishnu avatar Ram is our religious identity, the greatest civilizational inheritance and hence the conscience of our very being. Only fools would secularize him. A country that is not proud of its past and identity is bound to wither. A society that is rooted with its past and culture is stable and strong, easy to Govern.

If you don’t respect your culture….then world will not respect you. You will eventually become a pirated version of something else. Pakistan is a classic example of a country with no roots and no culture. It wanted to become Arab nation and see what they have become. You can never abandon your identity.

If Ram Temple in Ayodhya is a communal thing, then to hell with your secularism.

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