Ex-PM Manmohan Singh is a detestable Man.

Ex-PM Manmohan Singh is a detestable Man.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday in Rajya Sabha referring to Ex-PM Manmohan Singh said: “No one knows the art of bathing with a raincoat on, better than Doctor Saheb.”

How Apt! How modest!

The telling fact is that Dr. Manmohan Singh is an astonishingly dishonest person. He presided over a collection of the most heinously corrupt bunch of politicians ever to have walked on the earth and yet he enjoys a reputation for being clean.

Give a man a reputation as an early riser, and he can sleep until noon” – Mark Twain. It is illustrated most fittingly in the case of Dr. Manmohan Singh and his integrity. In his case, give the man a reputation as an honest person, and he can rob the country blind with impunity.

The Bofors gun kickback story is well known, and it was the first case where kickbacks in a defense deal were confirmed establishing a trail between middlemen, high flying ‘foreign’ connections and the Nehru- Gandhi Family. It was also the first case that the Indian media pursued in depth, and with tremendous enthusiasm.

The CBI could not pin Quattrocchi for lack of evidence, although it was available in plenty. His accounts in London were frozen, but the Indian government under Dr. Singh sat on it and deliberately let the reminders lapse. And as a result, the money was then withdrawn by him immediately. When Argentina arrested him under an Interpol notice issued under the Bofors case, the govt ensured that the case was botched up and Quattrocchi was able to walk out free.

It has been a shameful deed and a gross violation of the law. PM Manmohan Singh was amongst those responsible. He does make a penchant for honesty, but never explained those murky developments.

Arun Shourie wrote then:

Once again, the country is being held up to ridicule – once again, the world is being shown how the Government of India will bend our laws and institutions to help the worst sorts of criminals and their associates, exactly as banana republics do.

One German business daily in its editorial on India published: “India is becoming the Banana Republic instead of being an economic superpower. Ms. Mayawati who is Chief Minister of the most densely inhabited state is calmed when an intelligence agency probe is scrapped. The multi-million dollars fodder scam by another former chief minister wielding enormous power is put in cold storage. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chairs over this kind of unparalleled loot.

Not one but scores of mega scams went unnoticed by him. Corruption was so rampant in India under his “leadership,” Prime Minister-ship that made people immune to scams. No next multi-billion dollar scam did not even evoke any shock or the mildest surprise.

manmohan-2From 2G to Commonwealth to Augusta Westland… the list goes on and on. On these topics and issues like Robert Vadra, Manmohan Singh never spoke. No, he once did and called it “compulsions of coalition politics.”

Remember when Mr. A Raja’s wrongdoings had been exposed, Mr. Singh had decided to use the opportunity of restructuring his team. But the Cabinet formation was delayed, apparently because Mr. Singh insisted on giving the telecom portfolio back to Kalaignar family and Mr. Dayanidhi Maran made a comeback after the pre-election patch-up.

Manmohan Singh was a despicably dishonest Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister who on CAG reports that prove how Government was favoring the crooks-politicians nexus (like Naveen Jindal) in coal block allocation says this: “हज़ारों जवाबों से अच्छी है मेरी खामोशी, ना जाने कितने सवालों की आबरू रखे” is unquestionably detestable. I wish I had the better word.

If Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Indian Prime Minister of India knew nothing about these loots and scandals, he was shockingly inefficient and did not deserve to be the Prime Minister. If he did, wasn’t he a collaborator in crime?

nonsenseAfter the humiliation heaped on him by Rahul Gandhi with his “total nonsense” remark, Dr. Manmohan Singh endorsed that he is ready to work under his leadership. How despicable!

Would a person with even the least bit of morality and self-respect continue to hang on to his position? But he was placed by his masters.

Before he was labeled “Underachiever” or “Poodle,” Manmohan Singh also had the mortification of being loosely referred to as “Joker.” And by none less than the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Now this compels to understand why Manmohan Singh and no other Congress leader was handed over the chair of the prime minister. Perhaps he was appointed precisely because of his flexible morality and his ability to blindly follow orders. Manmohan Singh lacks a spine and is pliable. He followed commands without questioning like a robot with no sense of decency.

Reading such scathing reports about our ex-PM, how he willingly was controlled through a remote control by his Italian puppeteer, does not shock me. It pains. 

He kept on meekly doing whatever he was ordered to do. If our country had any PM who can be called a rubber stamp, it was Dr. Singh. Anyone else with even an iota of self-respect and integrity would long have quit that dishonorable position. But Dr. Singh did not. Perhaps he is blissfully unaware of the level status he holds.

I am convinced that Manmohan Singh had great faith in Indian judiciary and he knew that India’s elephantine legal system would ensure culpability, is never served or delayed enough.

The Congress Party is very angry and outraged on PM Narendra Modi’s subtle jibe. Watch this how the first family of Congress treated our Prime Minister, as a family servant. Today they talk of dignity?

PM Manmohan Singh is a dishonest man and is a shame to the noble economics profession, is a disgrace to the proud and noble Sikhs and was also a disgrace to Prime Minister’s chair of India. He lacks pride. He is a sycophant, a trained Babu who only followed orders. He was never his own man even after being appointed the country’s top executive chair.

But even today, some Indians believe and persist in their insistence that Dr. Singh is not a dishonest man contrary of mountains of evidence. It reveals one of two things: they are morally blind or remarkably stupid.

4 responses to “Ex-PM Manmohan Singh is a detestable Man.”

  1. It is abundantly clear from a plain reading of this article that the author is ignora . nt (as his “hero” modi) of protocol in a legislative body(rajya sabha) and distinction between civil and criminal jurisdictions of a court. The issue here is the forum appropriateness and relevance to the nature of debate in rajya sabha, not the content of modi’ s remark,although even the remark is ridiculous and coming from a person lacking standing to make it,because modi himself had been made an accused for serious criminal scams both in domestic and international courts regardless of the fact that he was later on acquitted on technicality by the Indian court(but not by UN’s human rights criminal Court,the matter being not pursued any further rather than dismissed), resulting in him ‘staying clean’ just as the author says MMS managed to stay clean.Thus modi also himself knows the art of bathing in a rain wearing a rain coat.The only difference is the rain in case of MMS,if did indeed rain,was from the skies of ‘civil scams’ and in case of modi not only that the rain was from the skies of ‘criminal scams,but the rain “continued” on to massacres in Muzaffarnagar and other up areas and beef lynching in dadri.Modi also has been and still silent and has not done anything,just like MMS.Atleast there was no loss of life involved in MMS cases.So what’s the point? MMS is still an angel compared to the rakshas in modi(here even a high school kid will understand and agree that money lost by MMS can be bought back but the lives modi destroyed can never be.


  2. People should blame the rabid anti Hindu mentality of the Muslim diaspora for the Gujrat massacres and not Mr.Modi.


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