The Left-Lib mask falling apart

3 years back on 9th February 2012, the mastermind terrorist of the attack on Indian Parliament (Dec 13, 2001), AFZAL GURU was hanged to his death.

In the Jihadi Nurturing University (JNU), Leftist students called for a ‘Cultural Evening” to commemorate the “judicial killing” of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat. Whole of the campus was covered with posters and leaflets that described: “against the Brahmanical collective conscience, against the Judicial Killing of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat”


Hear from the mouth of the organizer of the ‘Cultural Evening”, Umar Khalid: “This program is basically about “against the occupation of Kashmir by the Indian State and I make it very apparent here. I am not from Kashmir but I believe what is happening in Kashmir, is an Indian occupation of Kashmir.” WatchHere (11 Secs)n Jammu & Kashmir, no less than the J & K High Court Bar Association, held an

The Jammu & Kashmir High Court Bar Association held an extra-ordinary general meeting to pay “glorious tributes” to “Shaheed Maqbool Bhat” and “Shaheed Mohammad Afzal Guru” who according to the Bar Association, were hanged in “most barbaric, inhuman and brutal” manner for fighting for Kashmir’s freedom. This is a resolution passed by them in J & K:


“तुम कितने अफ़ज़ल मारोगे .. हर घर से अफ़ज़ल निकलेंगे

तुम कितने अफ़ज़ल मरोगे.. हर घर में अफ़ज़ल रहता है”Watch Here (45 Secs)

It did not end there. The Anti-National elements were chanting slogans for freedom of Kashmir from India and also fight until destruction of India.

“कश्मीर की आज़ादी तक  – जंग रहेगी जंग रहेगी

भारत की बर्बादी तक – जंग रहेगी जंग रहेगी” Watch Here: (45 Secs)

Are these fringe elements? Is the J & K Bar Association fringe? Are these misguided youth with poor education who have been misled? Watching the above clips and posters, there is no doubt that these so-called students are high rated anti-national elements who are spreading anti-India sentiments in the hub of the Capital, in a central University funded by the taxpayer’s money. Hundreds of crores of our money spent every year on these swines.

The average age of JNU’s masters degree and Phd attendees is 28 years. Of course, these are not ‘students’ in any shape or form but agents of imperial forces, and at worst, the anti-India soldiers. Dissent is surely not disloyalty in a democracy. But disloyalty surely is treason, even in a democracy.

Now the question is, why is this not labeled as treason? Why should the government not intervene?

Soon the perpetrators realized that the slogans are out in public and can effect a backlash. They tried to spin the matter and blame ABVP (BJP’s student wing) for doctoring the slogans. ABVP, in both Hyderabad University and JNU, only reacted to what the Leftists-Naxals did in support of Yakub and Afzal respectively. What they said in support of Yakub and Afzal is on record and is reported by MSM, so no question of ABVP having doctored it. And slogan like India go back, or “Bharat ki barbadi tak jung” are clear that Afzal is only an alibi, the real issue is hate for India.

The Leftists lied that secessionist slogans, agenda an aberration by outsiders (ABVP). Here is the wall poster from the library for breaking India.


The MHA rightly cracked down on anti-nationals. Hours after HM Rajnath Singh denounced the raising of alleged anti-India slogans in JNU, Delhi Police on Friday arrested the university’s students union president, Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of sedition and criminal conspiracy.

Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest evoked strong reactions from the regular suspects, the bleeding hearts for anti-nationals.


Soon the whole nexus of Leftists- Secualrs, Congress, CPI, CPI(M), AAP, JD(U) condemned the Union Govt for a crack down on JNU/poor students. They nicely twisted the fact that it was a crack down on anti-national elements and not on the whole campus. The leftists joining the protest in left bastion JNU is natural. Also for the fact that among the lead was D Raja’s daughter Aparajita.

D Raja is the National Secretary of CPI. His wife Annie Raja is the General Secretary of CPI’s women wing NFIW, and Daughter Aparajita is the leader of CPI student wing AISF at JNU.

The whole protest against the arrest was now being led by the king of morons, Rahul Gandhi. So now Rahul Gandhi, D Raja, Sitaram Yechury, Anand Sharma of Congress, Arvind Kejriwal, Nitish Kumar are all standing with people who support “Bharat ki barbadi”, “kashmir ki azadi” & oppose Afazal Guru hanging. The most astounding thing is, no one would ever guess Afzal Guru was actually hanged by Rahul’s mother Sonia’s Govt.

Now all left parties from AISF to AISA to SFI lying that they have nothing to do with the organisers. It’s they who support RCF, DSU in such events and make the numbers. Such slogans are nothing new, march for Afzal Guru or Yakub happening for years and all left parties always joined. The only change is the Govt at the center which is taking cognizance for the first time.

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