SECULARISM in India = Anti-National

Today I will tell you all why do I say SECULARISM in India = Anti-National.

Ishrat 6Today David Headley deposed to Mumbai Court and confirmed Nitish Kumar’s Bihar Ki Beti, ISHRAT JAHAN was a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative and a suicide bomber. A very inconvenient truth which was there in the public domain for long and was used by the Secular-jamat.

Every Congressi stooge, Liberal, Leftist, Secular-Politico, Journos who wanted to fix Narendra Modi through Ishrat Jahan, intentionally or un-intentionally are hand in glove with Pakistan’s Terror outfits. That’s why SECULARISM in India = Anti-National.

I wonder how many votes did ‘JDU+RJD-Mahagathbandhan’ win in Bihar in the name of “Bihar’s daughter Ishrat Jahan”? Nitish’s Bihar Police tried to scuttle the operation, later refused to file even an F.I.R. or take custody of the dreaded IM operative Yasin Bhatkal.

Narendra Modi is No. 1 target of Indian Mujahideen, says Bhatkal (Report). N. Modi is not only No 1 target of IM but also of all Secular Jamaat. That is why Nitish treated Bhatkal as ‘Bihar ka Beta’?

“Has Yasin Bhatkal been arrested because he is a Muslim” – immediate response of Samajwadi Party leader Kamal Farooqi. You know why? Because SECULARISM in India = Anti-National.

Read here how a few good men put their life on the line, spent their money to catch Bhatkal just to keep us safe and how India is a thankless nation. Congress-led UPA sent the likes of Vanzara to jail in reward.

None in Congress blinked once while using an anti-India suicide bomber for political means. Rahul Gandhi, P Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh, Manish Tewari… all these shameless secularists, who wanted to screw the nation just to fix one man.

Ishrat 3

Leftists are known to be crooks who work 24×7 towards their agenda of Breaking-India. But imagine how vile this is: Brinda Karat (with a soup bowl sized Bindi) inaugurated ‘Shaheed Ishrat Jahan Ambulance Service’ as a tribute.

No wonder her comrades were yesterday paying tribute to anti-India terrorists Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhatt in JNU Campus (funded by Govt of India) chanting “Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak … Jung Rahegi, Jung Rahegi“. Soon a “Shaheed Azmal Kassab Ambulance Services” too would be seen as 2019 General Elections near.

And all this is achieved by traitorization of the media & a flawed system of encouraging nepotism. Our superstar “journos” literally went all out to glorify a suicide bomber just to attack a politician they didn’t like. Incredible.

Sharing two of 100s of articles by our celebrated ‘Indian Secular Intellectual Sisters‘ (ISIS), portraying a dreaded suicide bomber as a “moon-faced innocent teenager”.

Sagarika Ghose in CNN-IBN: The tipping point

Rana Ayyub in Tehelka: CBI Acts On Tehelka Evidence Against Top Gujarat Cops

There are two types of Indians:

  1. Those who cried & lied for Ishrat Jahan, won awards only to be returned later, the Adarsh Liberals. These ‘Liberals’ who were so concerned about the rights of Ishrat Jahan, wish they had some if not the same concern for the rights of innocent Indians killed by the terrorists.
  2. People who kept fighting for the truth normally termed as Sanghis or Bhakts.

Thanks to Asif Ibrahim for standing firm, if not for him UPA would have had it easy. Would have easily fixed IB officers and informers. An upright Muslim officer stopped a criminal Govt (Sonia’s UPA) & complicit media from creating a fake “Muslim victim-hood” story.

Soon we shall witness a Shane Warne level spin, from “Ishrat Jahan wasn’t a terrorist’ to ‘her terror links don’t matter, the ‘fake’ encounter is the problem’. Also waiting for ‘Ishrat’ sympathizers to say, “How can you believe a Terrorist like David Headley?”. or term him a Sanghi.

2 responses to “SECULARISM in India = Anti-National”

  1. Though you have given true analysis giving event by event, the feelings is same in large people. I get confused when there is no precepitate action against those who are openly shouting anti India slogans and postures in the capital.Why Headly’s revealition is not made a talking point. Can’t intellectuals speak? Is our society become complacent?


    1. In Fact those whom you call an intellectual are part of the same Congress’s crooked Ecosystem. But what is strange to me is, in this country it is the first majority Govt in 25 years with strongest PM since Mrs Gandhi and he prefers to watch timidly from margins.


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