The hypocrisy of “Happy Diwali BUT No Fireworks” !

Diwali is near. Await the ‘Green-Diwali‘ campaign from the usual suspects soon. Brace yourselves, the #SayNoToCrackers brigade is coming soon to teach us how to celebrate our age old festivals. Don’t cave in.

It is undoubtedly so much fun to burst crackers and I have since childhood known bursting crackers as an integral part of Diwali celebrations.

Happy Diwali, but no fireworks” is a classic urban (diesel guzzling), the so-called ‘secular-liberal’ hypocrisy, after their lifestyle has caused huge pollution to the rural people.

Our Lifestyle (including theirs) is based on 365 days usage of polluting coal power, but ‘secular-liberals’ preach us against Diwali crackers for 3 hours! On an every day ride, the internal combustion causes 1000 times more pollution. To watch a TV debate on global warming, sitting in the AC rooms we (including them) burn thousands of watts of power, causing lung/liver/heart sickness to people near coal plants. But they only want a Green Diwali.

Power consumed by malls, the meat produced for your kebab and steak, power consumed in a stadium during the 4 hours of carnival called the Indian Premiere League, causes months of pollution to village children near coal plants. But they only want Green Diwali.

One small Air Conditioner consumes 1500 watts per hour of energy, which is enough energy for 4 rural houses. Those who use severely pollution causing Air Conditioner, petrol/diesel guzzling SUVs, meat-steak, coal burnt power for 365 days, want to stop 3-hours of Diwali crackers. Amazing hypocrisy!! If you stop people from having once a year fun for a few hours, they would most likely get back to their living room and consume more coal burnt electricity. Clueless liberals!

56% of India’s power is from coal that causes smog, soot, acid rain, global warming & toxic emissions 365 DAYS! And you want Green Diwali?

Check out the environmental impacts of coal power here: Coal Power Pollution.

Having said that, let us ask ourselves a genuine question hoping a genuine answer. Do I like fireworks? Yes! Do I like overuse of  fireworks? No!

I can assimilate the religious significance of lighting the lamps and welcoming the brighter aspects of life along with other narrations as well. But given the pollution levels that choke our cities currently and the massive expenditure involved, I feel this should be handled in a mature way. An absolute ban is impractical; at least the reduction could be and must be propagated in a mature way and by sensible environment concerned individuals and bodies, not by hypocrites.

Let us not shy away that it is necessary to have crackers & fireworks. Across the world, hundreds of millions enjoy such fireworks and pyrotechnics shows without unfortunate incidents and much fuss. Be it the July 4 and New year fireworks in the US, Montreal Fireworks Festival, World Pyro Olympics, Philippines, Celebration of Light, New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney Habour or London’s Wembley Stadium. It is always an amazing experience.

Does it pollute? Of course, it does. So does the fire-crackers during Diwali. We all do feel a little sorry when we wake up the next morning and the fresh morning air is replaced with smoke and the smell of gunpowder. Every human celebration does. But what bad could my little innocent ‘Chakris’ & ‘Anaars and a little naughty seven-sounds have done?

I am of the strong opinion that we must try to minimize the damage without eliminating the fun. Fight the overuse of crackers [causing both air and sound pollution] and it would be considered legitimate.

The problem is in eliminating it and robbing the children and adults their day of fun calling for a “fireworks free Green Diwali.”

Show your overall Eco-credentials instead of just an activist fighting against the celebration of Diwali. If you are not a routine Eco-activist who fights a range of environmental issues and just crop up around Diwali time, you will be labeled as a Hinduphobe.

Get to specifics. The Supreme court rulings are quite specific, that is no crackers at midnight. Fight against specific type of crackers (with Sulphur and other damaging elements) which are the worst and people will give ear to those razor focused concerned activists. But if you are instead fighting for a “fireworks free Green Diwali,” you are likely to be labeled as a clueless party-popper. And everyone ignores a hypocrite.

What is required is a sustained awareness is ingrained in our minds. The message should be that it does add on to the existing pollution (both air and sound). It is also torturous for animals, old people, patients, and infants. On top of that it is an industry which employs mostly children in unimaginable work conditions. These must be the cause of concern and the knowledge of this would help people minimize the damage.

But the awareness is spread by modes of preaching without any desired effect because the preacher himself doesn’t practice it.

Look at the below pics. This is why I say that Hinduphobia has moved on from academia to Main Stream and now also on the Streets! Small school children in Delhi taking out anti cracker campaign ahead of Diwali festival, clueless what are they up to. That is how indoctrination takes place right from impressionable age.



Who sends their kids to school to participate on the whims and fancy of the activist teachers? The past practices suggests that most of these marches and activism are part of an agenda to attack Hindu culture and rituals.

I am not at all advocating that since it is part of our religious, cultural function, it is okay. The nature would get back to all of us, giving a damn which religion one follows. What is bad for the environment is bad for the environment.

The fact is Industrial pollution is a problem, vehicular pollution is a problem, processing meat and beef creates problem and bursting crackers is also a problem! No point drawing a bigger line to make the other line look small.

Honestly speaking, Hindus inherently conserves nature, have high guilt/sense on their Eco-activities. The secular Media uses this guilt to engineer Green Diwali, because for them every Hindu festival is a polluting, noisy and irritating tribal affair. Our secular friends have problem with one day of Diwali and half day of Holi.

But the civilizational ritual such as Diwali means a lot. Diwali is the festival of lights. Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama after defeating demon king Ravana. It marks the victory of good over evil. People clean and whitewash their homes, do Puja, illuminating Diyas and also burst crackers to celebrate Diwali.

As for fun, once a year when the family is together, friends are around, with such tasty food, pretty clothes, gifts and festive spirit, fun is guaranteed! You only need crackers to add some spice. It should not become a way to show off how much money one could afford to burn with the night long fireworks.

My friends, this Diwali, gift a sapling, plant a tree. Let’s ensure a safer, less polluting Diwali by using the lovely earthen Diyas and try minimizing firecrackers (not cracker free).

Bursting crackers on Diwali is a grand tradition, and we must preserve it. Say NO to #NoCrackers, but please be safe.

Happy Diwali!!


About Shwetank

A chartered accountant by fluke, business strategist by intelligence, a painter by passion, friends call me a joker …. Patriotic Indian soul, typical Bihari, believe in Sanatan dharma !! Fiercely acerbic .. if one bluffs, I bite .. in a fisker of a sec ..
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3 Responses to The hypocrisy of “Happy Diwali BUT No Fireworks” !

  1. Vinod Rao says:

    Very well written article Sir….Most of the ppl who talk about Air pollution know nothing about it but keep preaching.


  2. Abhinav says:

    Very good article. Enjoying my crackers. Wishing all happy & safe Diwali


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