The Grand Cover Up ….

No one can deny the impact of our main stream media, viz., NDTV, CNN-IBN, Headline Today, IBN-7 and other Saas bahu, comedy circus channels like ABP News, Zee News, Sabse tez Aaz Tak, and the Tehelka India TV.  All these  Oxymorons are anonymous colleagues !!

But the irony is for them India starts from Delhi goes to Mumbai and back. Either they have no clue what’s happening in other parts of India or they are hardly interested. Their interest lies in Gujrat of course because of all propagandist reasons and all other corners where congress is interested or directs them to get interested.

Every day morning I get thinking are we going to have something like Sanju Baba circus again on news channels. Right now TV channels have only two item numbers, Sanjay Dutt and IPL Spot Fixing. They have successfully managed to divert the attention from other topics of importance for the nation. The IPL Spot fixing case was purposely highlighted at a time while an arrey of ministers were exposed in Andhra Pradesh. Heard any news? Not sure if any of us noticed the moving caption below the photo of crying baby Sreesanth “Vivek Dutt, Chief Investigating Officer in CoalGate scam, caught taking bribe”. ?? From whom? Who was bribing him? Not important of course.

These crooks can play their games of cover-ups because they know people away from Andhara Pradesh have either no clue or are not interested in knowing what is YSR loot of public exchequer. The sad story is that the paid media never held any prime time debates on the massive LOOT in AP and the involvement of the cabinet ministers. The media houses do not even need to send any reporter but read out the following or the ocean of materials and proof available on web. Let me highlight a few:

Jalayagnam, one of YSR’s pet schemes was one of the biggest frauds ever too, on par with CWG and 2G. This was the scheme supposed to benefit the farmers, eneded up becoming a cash cow for the Ministers and MLA’s. Rs.71,292 Crs was spent on Jalayagnam and nearly half of that was looted as per the CAG report.

Local media houses tried to bring out as much information as possible about YSR LOOT, but National Main Stream Media remained uninterested.

The Cloud Seeding Project (Medhomadhanam) was a fiasco, but YS Reddy ensured that everyone got their share of pie. Acres of land awarded to companies created for making windfall profits. All those companies were fully or partly owned by family members. Wholesale loot of TTD and Tirumala Balaji Temple, through his crony Karunakar Reddy. Yes, that is why when he died, many said it was divine justice for attempting to loot Tirupati.

Another super fraud scheme after Jalyagnam was  Arogyasri Scheme, meant to benefit corporate hospitals. Under this scheme, no basic medicines were available for patients, treatment facilities were primitive. In Rajahmundary alone, around 27,000 Arogyasri cards were said to have been issued, in reality only reached to 780 people. Imagine !!

Meil-Maytas-AAG gets 97 Crore for survey works, when the cost was only 7 Cr. Ramky gets 157 Cr for work costing 11 Cr. And many other such petty instances.

Hundreds of acres of land awarded to companies through various GOs by Sabita Indra Reddy, the Cindrella who turned power broker. On her own Sabita Indra Reddy would not even been a clerk, she got to be the Home Minister, thanks to her proximity to YSR.

For those who thought Gali Janardan Reddy did corruption only in Karnataka and B S Yedurappa helped him, check out Brahmani Industries AP. Brahmani Steels has 14,000 Plus acres of land and irone ore mines allotted to it who helped the Reddy Brothers to make a fortune in AP, through these mines. Yes it was CONgressi St. YSR !! The same media that went ballistic over Yedurappas’s links with Reddy brothers, totally ignored YSR’s close connection with them.

Under Y S R and that Congress regime, corruption was institutionalized and legitimized, it was not even considered illegal. Absolute reflection of the state of affairs at the center right now. Jailed minister, Krishnaiah Shett inducted in Congress. Welcome aboard!! This is actually your home of corruption.

AP is going to be critical, and the hardest fought election in 2014, expect it to be really dirty. Funny is the positioning of Telangana Congress Legislators today!! They are the proverbial Dhobi ka kutta, na ghar (telangana) ka, na Ghaat (Congress) ka.

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