21 Gun Salute for the Mahatma Gauri Lankesh – In pictures.

To start with, I must confess that I knew nothing about Gauri Lankesh till I heard the news of her brutal murder and the outrage that followed. I knew nothing about her ideology, her politics or her connections. I know that she is killed and hope and pray that the investigation is swift and her killers are booked.

It is terrible what happened to her. Freedom is non-negotiable, whatever be your views – left, right or center. Hope Gauri gets justice and is not merely reduced to a point-scoring cold body by rationalizing the murder.

It was sickening to see the Vultures mourning over Gauri’s death for political gains of their masters. Most of them behaved as if they knew the murderers. If they had any relevant info, they would have consulted the police. Some who were very outraged, if they wanted justice for Gauri, they would ask questions to Siddaramaiah, the man responsible for the law and order.

But the Khap-elites drew an immediate correlation between Gauri Lankesh murder & murders of rationalists. Why? Whats the hurry? Even in that case, the finger points on to Siddharamaiah whose government could not solve who killed Kalburgi.  Despicable lot.

Every death is a gift to the social vampires. Nothing excites our bloodthirsty left-liberals more than a death they can use for their agenda. I witnessed a glee a glee among the left-liberals. The glee for an opportunity to push their bloodthirsty agenda, even before Gauri could be mourned. One thing that surprised me the most was the ready banners and placards within a couple of hours of her death and protest events. As if they knew about the murder and the murderers even before its occurrence.

Needless to say that Gauri Lankesh was killed so close to elections, is the driving force for media to immediately twist the narrative. What a repulsive lot. From activists, journalists and intellectuals of all ideology to senior IAS/IPS, all getting killed in Siddaramaiah’s lawless governance. Yet to see a single left-liberal seek Siddaramaiah’s resignation. They care a damn for justice, a damn for Gauri Lankesh. Only the agenda is supreme.

What bothered me the most was this info shared by Anand Ranganathan via his tweet:

“22 Indian Journalists murdered since 2013. Gauri Lankesh was the only one who also wrote in English or appeared in the English media.”


That is a brutal fact and this one single tweet provoked the entire feeding-on-crumbs ecosystem. We understand that celebrating murder because the victim had opposite ideology is lunatic, but condemning murders only when the victim’s ideology matches yours is evil. 

A day before, a journalist Pankaj Mishra was shot at in Bihar. I did not see any outrage on the social media or on the prime time TV news. This is bothering.

Now either outrage is a selective commodity for our left-liberal khaap--elders that are to be used for scoring cheap political brownies or perhaps Pankaj kind of journalists cannot be considered a good journalist because he has never abused Hindus and Hinduism.

Presenting here some thoughts via screen shots from the FB and Twitter account of the ace journalist, the departed soul Gauri Lankesh. Try to understand what makes one part of the left-liberal ecosystem.

First, you have to be an ardent Modi hater.

If you have signs of  pathological hatred for Hindus, and if you can abuse in the choicest of words, that may qualify to be political “dissent.” This is one such mind blowing thought:


One of the basic criteria of being referred as a profound unbiased journalist is to diss BJP openly with all kinds of name calling to its supporters and followers.

When Commies murdered RSS workers, she celebrated it as “Swachh Keralam.” That is the sign of a free thinker. Hindu brahmins deserve to be butchered in  Commie land.


One has to be an absolute duffer, no sense of history and still jump into a discussion without any clue to protect one’s lumpen ideology.


To have some more insights into the mind of Gauri, the woman who was given a full state funeral by Congress’s Karnataka government:


Here Salman Nizami, a Congress leader from Karnataka tweets from his verified account() with a screenshot of his private conversation with Gauri:


If the above is not enough, one has to be a crook. A journalist must be biased and indulge in defaming political opponents based on falsehood and fake news. So what one gets caught and convicted and sentenced by the Court? Once part of the ecosystem, the tag of a ‘dear friend’ and ‘profound’ journalist no one can detach.


Let me remind you all that Lt. Col Niranjan Kumar (was awarded military gallantry medal for his role in eliminating terrorists who attacked the Pathankot air base) who was a native of Banglore, Karnataka did not get a 21 gun salute by the Karnataka state.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnanan (was martyred during the 2008 Mumbai attacks, and consequently awarded the Ashoka Chakra, India’s highest peace time gallantry award) was also from Banglore, who did not get a 21 gun salute by the state government. 

But if you are part of the feeding-on-crumbs ecosystem, then despite being and an urban Naxal or being convicted by the court, you certainly deserve a 21 gun salute in a Congress ruled state, if, unfortunately, you meet a tragic death.  

4 responses to “21 Gun Salute for the Mahatma Gauri Lankesh – In pictures.”

  1. Hey Shwetank.. loved this piece of writing. Brilliantly captured my very own sentments.. Since i am handicapped by my ability to express, I wanted to share your post on FB, however cant seem to be able to do that. Is that how you intend it to be?

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    1. No. Please share. I for a while kept my settings as private to avoid too many skimpy-dressed friends requests. Go on.


  2. Very well written and thanks a ton for highlighting all this

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  3. Hairani….a woman who always fought against country was given 21 gun Salute.


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