False and selective Media Outrage only to paint HINDUs intolerant?? Sorry !!

The horrific incidence of this ‘crowd justice for beef eating’ is indeed the most insensitive, inhuman and utterly criminal act. When I saw the family (specially the daughter) of the victim, it was painful and moving. I don’t think any punishment is enough.

Surprisingly no secular journo or media house has questioned UP Govt. that why they failed in maintaining law & order? Before one could try to find who the perpetrators were, what was the motive, who instigated, the incompetent and an utterly failed UP Govt., instead of going after culprits is testing the meat. Beef or no beef, any person taking country’s Rule of Law into their own hands must be behind bars by now.

The worst is the political spin to it. Our hate mongering media know that giving it a COW angle will dilute the real issue of ‘Law & Order’, and above that humanity.

Let me be very specific. It is no justification of this barbaric murder/lynching. It is plainly about the outrage being selective and misleading.

The outraged is also natural because this is one of those incidents Mainstream Media told us about with suitable embellishments. The hate mongering media could not see the streak of intolerance when UP saw 247 full-blown communal riots (not just communal incidents) in 2013. But media was sleeping then.

The streak of intolerance didn’t scare anyone when people cooked meat outside temples. We were a tolerant country when Kashmiri Pandits were killed, raped and thrown out of their ancestors’ land. Do wake up, have a coffee and look for some reliable sources on your own. A lot more people are dying all around the country.

People outraging about it, calling it ‘Rashtravadi-Murder’, please also outrage about killings of RSS Karyakartas in Kerela, brutal rape of Tuktuki Mondol in W Bengal and Hindu man brutally killed for marrying a Muslim girl in Bihar. No outrage on such murders! Why?

Who is this Sadhvi Prachi and why are her views important and why not of other loonies? No media will ask loonies like for views on Ban of Anti-catholic ‘Agnes of God’. Because that will further embarrass us Left Libs. Nor will they catch any roadside Mullah to ask for views on a Father killing his four year old daughter for not covering head. Again because it wont be secular. But every other Sadhvi will be picked up & baited for radical views to show her as a representative of Hindus at large & eventually of Modi. For self styled secular liberal intellectuals Hindutva means right wing fringe. It suits their narrative of fear mongering among minorities.

Selective outrage over some murders and complete silence over some mass murders – is creating self-defeating secularism. The unfortunate truth is that Indian media can’t survive without riots.

A day back a Hamirpur incident was reported as “A Dalit man killed for entering into a temple.” Expectedly the incidence was not dalit discrimination incidence. Shameless media lied through its teeth.Sick!!

Reality: A 90 year old man killed by a drunk man.

Spin: Dalit man burnt alive for trying to enter a temple

Dear media morons, learn to call a crime a crime. Cut the crap about the failure of Indian secularism. Go live in Europe and America for a while and feel and live the difference.

But Now, the prime minister is Modi and remember, if BJP is in power then it’s a failure of Government. If BJP is not in power, it is done by BJP or affiliated activists. When FDI increases, it’s the fundamentals of our economy left by MMS. When something pathetic happens in UP/Bengal/Kerela, its MODI’s NEW INDIA.

To blow up a healthy outrage into an international event is a normal strategy of sickulars. It’s not surprising that the Western media picked up on this. There is a mirroring between the Western and Indian media’s selectivity on reporting about Indian events. I think this nexus should be obvious to everyone.

Since 1947, Congress has created a version of secularism based on bashing majority religion with crooked media hand in glove with the Congress. Terror has no religion; FINE, but how come then a lynching mob has one? (Check pictures below).

Terror 2 Terror 1

In the era of Social Media, this selective and pointed outrage is creating a strong sense of discrimination & insecurity among Hindus. Grow to learn that every life has equal value. Until people stop falling for these pre-planned narratives and selectively pointed outrage, we won’t be able to corner the barbaric perpetrators. Wake up, take the responsibility to call a spade a spade. The sufferers are left to suffer because the bright opportunity to malign and defame Modi could not have been missed. How stupid and how brainwashed!!

But the onus is also on the present Govt. To rebut the narrative with proof and in style. Sharing here a conclusion based on tweets of my dear friend Anand Ranganathan:

This ‘growing intolerance’ has to be proved one way or the other. Get last decade’s crime and ‘intolerance’ data. Make it public, lazy govt. And remember, the media works with a tacit proclivity that Rajiv Gandhi banning The Satanic Verses was NOT main-streaming of intolerance. Find out how many bans were called for, and by whom, in the last decade, how many restrictions on free speech, how much censorship. Do it. Or else live in an environment where the media would have us believe that undertakers have become caretakers. Your choice Prime Minister Narendra Modi !!

And Mr. PM, if you need a clue how it is to be done, learn from this fantastic reporting of hard facts, not by the incompetent Govt of India but by OpIndia.com. Kudos !! -> Report:

If you can’t see that India is purposely getting branded as intolerant under your nose, it’s your fault Mr Modi. You are not there to reassure the journalists of India; you are there to reassure the PEOPLE of India.”

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  1. Very informative , exact and to the point. U r absolutely correct when u say that it is the fault of modi for India being branded as intolerant.

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