The hysteria in the self-appointed protectors of Hindus over false Temple destruction in Kashi and directing all that to Modi and Yogi is vile political propaganda!

This expose is in response to an altercation on Twitter a week before. It started with my response to a Tweet with bizarre observations. Ironically, the link to the news article was also posted, carrying just opposite content in it.

Usually, I would have ignored any other Twitter handle, but not this hysterical, knuckle-headed, paranoid loony. Even she would have got a pass had she not touched the very close subject to heart. I have spent my youth in Banaras. Every time I would visit Baba Vishvanath Temple and come out through the narrow, congested, catastrophic filthy lanes, I wondered if it could ever be sorted and developed in our lifetime.

Today, Kashi is undergoing a grand makeover after 1780 AD, when Maratha queen Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore last time renovated the temple and the area surrounding it.

So, without any delay, I share here how this altercation started – with this Tweet of one @RituRathaur, the Satya-Sadhak (Seeker of Truth):

As you can see, the truth-seeker was served with facts, casually yet politely. It was an agenda-driven falsehood, loosely manufactured and posted on Twitter to be peddled through other Twitter fools.

After that was called out, the next twist comes with a change in the tone. I was called “sold to the Vikas” (development plan of the Govt) and a “Shiva-Drohi.” Their further accusation is that the Modi government is doing all the developmental work by demolishing Temples and its sanctum Sanctorum. These loonies use the following picture every time they want to label Modi Govt anti-Hindu, which is also a hit job.

This thread on Twitter from @ishubhamm (a Banaras resident) dismantles all these hit jobs in detail.

What is essential here is to notice the hysteria in these self-appointed “Thekedars of Hindus” over random Hindu causes and projecting all that to the Modi Govt. It tells us a lot about how stupid and vile these loonies are. One can check further altercations and all kinds of nonsense peddled to avoid the central contention – development of the Kashi Vishvanath Corridor, despite scores of complex issues, and without any provocations.
Kashi Vishvanath Corridor Project:

One of the most ancient living cities on earth and the epicentre of Hindu religion and Indic civilization, Kashi is undergoing a grand makeover, thanks to its local Member of Parliament, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.
PM Narendra Modi launched this Rs 400 crore project in March 2018. The central idea is to preserve the existing heritage structures, provide new facilities in the temple complex, ease people’s traffic and movement, and connect the temple with the famous Ghats of Banaras through a corridor with direct visibility.

The local court in Varanasi has directed the Archaeological Survey of India to survey the Gyanvapi Mosque compound adjacent to the Vishwanath Temple to find out whether it was a “superimposition, alteration or addition or there is structural overlapping of any kind. While this historical civilizational dispute continues, the Gyanvapi Mosque committee has handed over a 1,700 square feet separate plot of land in the periphery of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple for the under-construction Temple Corridor project, in exchange for another plot of land. Whether this reconciliation is enough or not is a separate debate.
A total of 314 buildings surrounding the temple were acquired for this project. On their clean-up, several ancient temples were unearthed on the corridor route. So many 18th century Temples, several in immaculate condition, have been found from underneath these occupied buildings that the authorities are now planning to throw them open for worship once again. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has already identified 43 of them for prayer and preservation. These will be made part of the larger Kashi Vishwanath pilgrimage route.

Once the project is complete and all these temples are back to their glory, the world would also witness the “Nandi” facing a Mosque. That debate on reconciliation can be taken up from there. The grandeur of Kashi taking an enormous facelift can’t wait for this legal-historical-civilizational dispute to end.

Read this report on how an 18th-century idol of Maa Annapurna, stolen from Varanasi more than 100 years ago and kept in a Canadian Museum, is brought to Banaras and is scheduled to be installed at the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor on 15th November 2021. It is a moment to cherish our civilizational and cultural glory. The credit goes to the relentless pursuit of the Narendra Modi govt, which has made “Bring Our Gods Home” a part of his stellar statesmanship. And these loonies have the gall to blame the same Govt for idol desecration?

Shri Kashi Vishvanath Temple Trust has appointed private consultants through open tenders for handling the operational planning to ensure the devotees a “memorable pilgrim experience.” The goal is to facilitate two lakh devotees at any time

The various facilities in the premises include a Mandir Chowk surrounded by emporiums, a spiritual bookstore, Vedic Kendra, Bhog Shaalas, a Ganga-view Cafe, shops, a VIP guest house, Mumukshu Bhawan,a tourist facilitation centre, three Yatri Suvidha Kendras, toilet blocks, and two museums. After completing the project, the visitors will be able to stand on the terrace of the corridor and enjoy the scenic view of River Ganga and Manikarnika and Lalita Ghat.

It is planned that the Parishad will operate each of the facilities listed above through the appointment of an appropriate partner from the private sector in whole or in parts,” says the bid document.

Now let me get back to the moot point. Today, the project is at an advanced completion stage, and most of the infrastructure will be ready by the end of November 2021. The detractors think that when its grand inauguration happens next month, it may be a significant factor in the upcoming UP election. That’s why all these brouhahas.

The Hindu hating falsehood peddler, The Wire also runs the same agenda – “The demolition of buildings near the historic temple has triggered resentment and anger against Yogi Adityanath and Narendra Modi. The commonality here is the popularity of both Modi and Yogi.

It is not an individual’s work. This Khap Panchayat has several elite elders. These self-appointed Thekedars of Hindus have one central agenda – to make vulnerable Hindus feel betrayed by the present BJP dispensation.

I am sharing only a few samples here:

Prof. Swati projects herself as a Hindu cause warrior and also despise RSS, an institution that has selflessly served the nation.  Her position, as she projects, are all based on random statements of random RSS leaders, that she keeps sharing. How is it to rid oneself of an institution with a history of service only because one disagrees with the views of an office-bearer? How scholarly! But Prof Swati is an old RSS/BJP hater and has been very open about it.

But look at the tactic of this ex-IPS Officer Nageshwar Rao, who first pitched himself demanding freeing of the temples to lure vulnerable Hindus. The next move was demanding justice for Hindus of Bengal and appeared as a poster boy of Right-Wingers. Interestingly, I once chanced to speak in a ClubHouse Talk (their daily Khap Panchayat) and called out his call to teach a lesson to the Modi Govt. for the post-election Bengal violence. As usual, in typical Congress style, they took off my mic immediately.

It is also alleged that these folks are Congress props to lure and divide Hindus. But since there are no concrete pieces of evidence yet, it is better not to label them. If there’s any truth in it, that also will surface soon.

However, listen to this ClubHouse talk (shared on Twitter by a friend @alok_bhatt) where these Khap elders assemble almost daily. It was a Congress supporters’ room where this Ex-IPS Officer was counselling Congress supporters on the way to defeat Modi in 2024! Happy to see things getting clearer each passing day.

Only a charlatan would demand Himalayan proof for anything and everything, even remotely good associated with Modi and requires no shred of evidence when abusing him for no mistake of his. The agenda is crystal clear that this cabal is hell-bent on dividing Hindu’s at any cost. What’s the consideration? We will find out that too soon.

But till then, every attempt of these vile propagandists to divide the Hindus based on falsehood must be called out.

2 responses to “The hysteria in the self-appointed protectors of Hindus over false Temple destruction in Kashi and directing all that to Modi and Yogi is vile political propaganda!”

  1. Awesome post


  2. Befitting reply to so called Hindus,great job sir,we always support modi ji and Yogi ji.


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