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PK: A missed attempt on many fronts.

Verdict: There is definitely an unhealthy hardening of attitudes. The criticism of Hirani and Amir Khan is fair to some extent, but asking for a ban is absolutely stupid. In my opinion, no Film, Book, Painting .. or any other … Continue reading

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Why Chetan Bhagat’s comprehension on “It’s not moderate Muslims’ fault” is misplaced !!

In his recent blog titled “It’s not moderate Muslims’ fault” on Times of India, celebrity writer Chetan Bhagat tried defending the indefensible. Though I am an admirer of both his wit and clarity of thought, surprisingly this time I found his … Continue reading

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Atal Bihari Bajpayee – Patriot, Orator, Poet, PM and a Rare Statesman !!

The man whom India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru prophesied to become the Prime Minister of India one day, the man whom the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the “Bhishma Pitamah of Indian Politics,” the man who led an … Continue reading

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FACTS : Bhopal Gas leak Tragedy

The notorious Bhopal Gas Leak tragedy is said to be one of the worst industrial disasters of the world. This tragic incident took place in the Union Carbide subsidiary pesticide plant in the city of Bhopal, when the deadly Methyl Iso-Cyanate … Continue reading

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BJP’s promise on Black Money & distortions !

Ignorant Geniuses of Congress & AAP: Ever ignorant Sanjay Jha, Ajay Maken of Congress and other geniuses of AAP said Narendra Modi promised Rs 15 lakhs would be deposited in accounts of ALL Indians when black money recovered. What Mr Modi actually … Continue reading

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