Think before u click !!

So all of a sudden everyone is on Facebook, the social networking site that has garnered millions of avid users since its launch. I have come to realise that there are a lot of positives and negatives about Facebook. On the positive side, I cant belive the number of relatives and friends I have reconnected with. Suddenly, there are additional and newborns who are being added to the family tree.

There are milestones, a silver jubilee wedding anniversary, a graduation, a birth, a dream holiday and more – are captured and uploaded onto Facebook, leaving me feeling less isolated from loved ones. The internet has come a long way and it is amazing how it can keep you updated to the minute on what is happening with people in your life. Its fun to waste/kill/fill time interacting with friends by playing the odd ‘identify the famous actor as a child’ quiz.

I enjoy playing poker with a friend of mine from Patna who never won in real but gives me nightmares on this fake board.
It is also fun to play with your profile, change your picture and update your status, to let people where you are at and some of the banter going back and forth can be amusing.

On the flipside, although there are some great applications and an interesting range of games to suit seemingly every age group, I really dont want to sent a notification to all my friends about every one, or to ‘ send this to all your your friends’ and see what happens. It is annoying that I dont have the option to remove some of advertising in the news feed.

I am almost certain there can’t be an office anywhere that hasn’t been hit hard by the “Facebook-ing”. Paranoid bosses must be beside themselves at the impact all this online downtime is having on productivity and work bans are becoming commonplace.
Then, ofcourse, you have that old school friend, who will out of the blue decide to ‘pkoe’ you.

I guess this is just a new way of saying ‘hello’ without having to actually say anything. well, hello to you and I send a ‘poke’ back. When I reached 100 friends I scarcely believe it. How did I become so popular? It is amusing how once u create your profile friends come in fluries; whether real life chums, family or work colleagues. Suddenly, no acquaintance is too random and somehow even when you meet someone, in the course of converstion, one will ask, ” are you on facebook”?

Right now, just about everyone is going green and into farming, in the application called ‘farmville’. I hope they focus on protecting the environment, rather than spend hours nurturing it ‘virtually’. Overall, you need to be careful with what you post online, because you never know who can see it and how it can impact your life, either personally or professionally.

So before you upload those pictures of you painting the town red, think before you click!

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